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RPSFQDP (Jan94)              ftools.caltools             RPSFQDP (Jan94)

    rpsfqdp -- converts OGIP RPSF dataset to ASCII QDP format
    rpsfqdp datafile outfile
      rpsfqdp reads i/p data from a  FITS  OGIP  standard  format  file,
    containing  an  extension  with  a radial profile (HDUCLAS3=TOTAL or
    NET,extname  =  OBS  RPSF),  and/or  an   extension   containing   a 
    theoretical/predicted  model of the data (HDUCLAS3=PREDICTED,extname
    = THEO PSF). The output is an ASCII file containing the data,  along
    with  the  necessary QDP commands to enable immediate plotting using
      This task was used to create the  numerous  figures  demonstrating
    the  PSF  of  the  ROSAT  PSPC presented in the articles by Hasinger
    etal in Legacy 2,3 & 4.
      The  task  writes  QDP  commands   such   that   the   window   is 
    automatically  scaled  to  contain  the data, and that a logarithmic
    y-axis scale is used when  QDP/PLT  plots  the  output  file.  Under
    certain  circumstances  this  scaling  may  be  incorrect  (and will
    always be incorrect when the  radial  profile  data  to  be  plotted
    contain  zero  or  negative  values). The logarithmic scaling can be
    turned off using the command "log off", and  axes  can  be  rescaled
    using  "rescale  x  -1  10",  "rescale y -1e-3 1e2" from within QDP.
    Further help with QDP is provided by an interactive help.
    datafile [character string]
         The  name  of  the   file   containing   an   observed   radial 
        (1-dimensional) PSF  dataset.
    outfile [character string]
         The  name  of  the  ASCII output file to be created (containing
        the data and  necessary QDP commands).
    (predfile="%") [character string]
         The  name  of  the   file   containing   a   predicted   radial 
        (1-dimensional)  PSF  dataset. The special (default) value ('%')
        indicates that the predicted  RPSF dataset is  contained  within
        the file specified by the datafile  parameter.
    (rescale=1.0) [real]
         The  theoretical  PSF  can  be  rescaled  to a given value, the
        default is 1.0
    (chatter=9) [character string]
         The value  of  the  chatter  flag,  useful  for  reassurance  &
        diagostics   purposes.  The  default  value  is chatter=10, with
        chatter <= 5 being very  quite and chatter >= 20 very verbose.
    (clobber = false) [boolean]
         Flag specifying whether or not a  pre-existing  file  with  the
        same  name  as that  requested as the output file from this task
        will be overwritten.
    1.      To reformat a datafile myfile.rpsf with  default  chattiness
    (5),  and output file myfile.qdp :
     ca> rpsfqdp myfile.rpsf myfile.qdp
    None known
    st2rpsf (ftools/caltools)
    rbnrpsf (ftools/caltools)
    pcrpsf (ftools/rosat)
    calcrpsf (ftools/caltools)
    stw2pha (ftools/caltools)
    OGIP Calibration Memo CAL/ROS/92-001  (Hasinger etal 1992 Legacy 2 77)
    OGIP Calibration Memo CAL/ROS/92-001a (Hasinger etal 1993 Legacy 3 46)
    Rehana Yusaf
    (301) 286-6115

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