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                             RELEASE NOTES FOR HEASOFT 6.6.1
                                    January 5, 2008
    The HEASoft 6.6.1 release is primarily driven by the release of the
    Swift (version 3.0) software, but also includes updates to other packages
    to mirror the current development versions in use at the HEASARC.
    As the number of changes in this release are relatively small, a patch-
    installer mechanism is available for users who wish to avoid re-installing
    HEASoft in its entirety.  See
    for more details.
      Please note that HEASoft 6.6.x is the last major distribution of HEAsoft
      in which we intend to include xspec v11. It is becoming increasingly hard
      to keep v11 up-to-date for new compilers and we do not have the resources
      to support two different versions. If there are v11 features that you are
      using and that we have omitted in the current version (v12) please let us
      know as soon as possible via the xspec12 help desk at:
    HEASOFT 6.6.1 includes some bug-fix updates to CFITSIO version 3.12:
    - Fixed bug when defining the bounding box for annular region.
    - Fixed bug triggered when the first region in a component is an exclude
      region.  The region selection was being ignored in this case.
    - Fixed memory bug which is triggered when reading a FITS REGION extension
      with a large (> 100) number of exclude regions.
    - Use explicit LONGLONG cast to prevent overflow when computing offset
      in large files.
    - extractor:
      Minor tweak to writing of region extensions. Now uses the EXTNAME
      convention from XMM-Newton ie REG001##. This is still consistent with
      CIAO which depends on the presence of the HDUNAME='REGION' keyword.
      Fixed two bugs :
      1. The fall-through option for GTI files of looking in the first table
         extension for the GTI data if none of the extension name matches worked.
      2. Speed improvement when writing out spectra with region filtering.
      Temporary fix for problem with making WMAP images when an annular region
      was used and the WMAP and image coordinates are the same.  In this case
      the fbbox numbers returned from select_region_setup are incorrect so we
      ignore them and fall back on the method used when the WMAP and image
      coordinates differ.
      Fixed error when regions are in detector coordinates (with no WCS type).
      Also improved error handling when the region set-up fails.
    - Fixed buffer overflow in character array.
    - battblocks: Bug fix for parsing of global_tstart and global_tstop parsing.
    - batmasktaglc: Bug fix to correct a typo in the variable name used to
      write the EBOUNDS extension.
    - uvotsource: Adds subsidiary task (uvotconvreg) that enables handling of
      detector grism images.
    - uvotproduct: Corrected html help file to document 'rebin' parameter.
    - barycorr: Corrected html help file to correctly reflect default value
      for 'clockfile' parameter and add reference to Swift Timing Guide.
    - swiftversion: Changed s/w version number.
    - xrtinstrmap: Added 'XRA_PNT' and 'XDEC_PNT' keywords in output raw
      instrument map header storing the celestial coordinates of image
      reference pixels.
    - xrtlccorr: Get celestial coordinates of image reference pixels from
      'XRA_PNT' and 'XDEC_PNT' keywords of raw instrument map.
    - xrtpccorr: Get celestial coordinates of image reference pixels from
      'TCRVL2,TCRVL3' keywords of input event file (if ranom<0, decnom<-90).
    - xrtgrblc: 
      Changed default PSF correction method to XRTLCCORR.
      Increased background region size for PC mode.
      Increased pile-up region for very high WT count rates.
      Added code to shift PC background regions, if they would go off-chip.
      New hidden parameter 'object', defines OBJECT keyword in output files
       object='DEFAULT' uses first OBJECT keyword found.
      New hidden parameter 'usetrigtime', default = 'yes'. If ='yes', light
       curves are offset by TRIGTIME keyword or trigtime parameter; if ='no',
       light curves are offset by earliest TSTART in input files.
      New hidden parameter 'usetargid', default = 'yes' determines if TARGID
        keyword is written to output files.
      Bug Fixes:
        Binning code was not properly merging bins.
        Trap zero-rows errors in fstatistic, and Xspec.
        Trap zero counts in Ximage.

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