• Major rewrite for all classes to make data private. Internal data members now start with m_. There are get and set operations to manipulate their values. So, for instance getfoo() returns m_foo and setfoo(bar) sets m_foo to bar. If m_foo is a vector then individual elements can be accessed using getfooElement(i) and setfooElement(i,bar).

  • Used const wherever possible on methods and arguments for methods.

  • Where possible used default values of arguments instead of overloading.

  • Removed copying of other keywords and extensions from write methods since these should not be considered operations of the class.

  • Removed storing OGIP version numbers in classes since this doesn't make sense - just write the latest version number in write methods.

  • Added copy, load, and, where appropriate, read constructors.

  • Added SWIG typemaps to map C++ vectors to numpy arrays in Python.

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