pha class private members

class pha{

  Integer m_FirstChannel;     // First legal channel number

  vector<Real> m_Pha;         // PHA data
  vector<Real> m_StatError;   // Statistical error 
  vector<Real> m_SysError;    // Statistical error 

  vector<Integer> m_Channel;  // Channel number
  vector<Integer> m_Quality;  // Data quality (0=good, 1=bad, 2=dubious,
                              //               5=set bad by user) 
  vector<Integer> m_Group;    // Data grouping (1=start of bin,
                              //               -1=continuation of bin)

  vector<Real> m_AreaScaling; // Area scaling factor 
  vector<Real> m_BackScaling; // Background scaling factor 

  Real m_Exposure;            // Exposure time 
  Real m_CorrectionScaling;   // Correction file scale factor 

  Integer m_DetChans;         // Total legal number of channels
  bool m_Poisserr;            // If true, errors are Poisson 
  string m_Datatype;          // "COUNT" for count data and "RATE" for count/sec 
  string m_PHAVersion;        // PHA extension format version 

  string m_Spectrumtype;      // "TOTAL", "NET", or "BKG" 

  string m_ResponseFile;      // Response filename 
  string m_AncillaryFile;     // Ancillary filename 
  string m_BackgroundFile;    // Background filename 
  string m_CorrectionFile;    // Correction filename 

  string m_FluxUnits;         // Units for Pha and StatError

  string m_ChannelType;       // Value of CHANTYPE keyword 
  string m_Telescope;                                          
  string m_Instrument;
  string m_Detector;
  string m_Filter;
  string m_Datamode;

  vector<string> m_XSPECFilter; // Filter keywords

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