table class private members

class table{

  vector <tableParameter> m_Parameters; // Parameter information
  vector <tableSpectrum> m_Spectra;     // Tabulated model spectra
  string m_ModelName;                   // Name to use in xspec
  string m_ModelUnits;                  // Units (not used at present)
  int m_NumIntParams;                   // Dimension of interpolation grid
  int m_NumAddParams;                   // Number of additional parameters
  bool m_isError;                       // If true then model errors included
  bool m_isRedshift;                    // If true include redshift
  bool m_isAdditive;                    // If true model is additive
  bool m_isEscale;                      // If true include an energy scaling
  vector<Real> m_Energies;              // Energy bins on which model is 
                                        // calculated. The size should be one 
                                        // larger than that of the spectrum 
                                        // array
  string m_EnergyUnits;                 // Units of energy bins
  Real m_LowEnergyLimit;                // Value to use for energies
                                        // below those tabulated
  Real m_HighEnergyLimi;                // Value to use for energies
                                        // above those tabulated
  string m_Filename;                    // Name of file from which table was read
  vector<string> m_FiltExps;            // Filter expressions

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