ARF routines

  •  int ReadARF(char *filename, long ARFnumber, struct ARF *arf)

    Read the effective areas from a FITS file - if there are multiple SPECRESP extensions then read the one with EXTVER=ARFFnumber.

  •  int WriteARF(char *filename, struct ARF *arf)

    Write the ARF to a FITS file.

  •  void DisplayARF(struct ARF *arf)

    Write information about ARF to stdout.

  •  int AddARF(struct ARF *arf1, struct ARF *arf2)

    Add arf2 onto arf1.

  •  long MergeARFRMF(struct ARF *arf, struct RMF *rmf)

    Multiply the ARF into the RMF.

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