• When writing output files change N_GRP and CHANNEL to J format if required.

  • Fixed out-of-bounds writes in cases when the F_CHAN and N_CHAN vector columns are longer than N_GRP.

  • Modified rmf::read so that the EBOUNDS data is first read into a separate rmf object so it can test for consistency between MATRIX and EBOUNDS keywords such as CHANTYPE and INSTRUME. If inconsistencies are found then messages are written to SPreportError so the calling program can check for them. The keywords from MATRIX take priority over those from EBOUNDS.

  • Add handy functions to return vectors of extension numbers of EBOUNDS and MATRIX extensions.

  • Changed rmf compression criterion to only include elements with values $>$ LO_THRES instead of $>=$ LO_THRES.

  • Write EBOUNDS and MATRIX energy columns as D instead of E to avoid precision issues with high-resolution optical/UV spectra.

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