Screenshots (from v1.0 and prior)

Chandra observation of Algol seen with Profit, focussed on the 12-13A range.
As seen above, Profit can be used to "browse" a spectrum to simply scan regions of interest and make preliminary identifications.
Algol observation showing velocity profile around O VIII emission line.
Profit can also be used to measure the velocity profile of an emission line, in this case the O VIII Ly Alpha line. The line is slightly offset, suggesting either a doppler shift or a systematic data error.
Profit with ACIS CCD data from the SNR W44.
Profit will also work with CCD resolution data, in fact any spectral data stored as a PHA file or even simply as a text file. In addition, profit works in both wavelength units (as shown in the first two screenshots) and in energy units as shown above.
Profit with
Constellation-X simulated data around 6-7 keV
Profit can use multiple atomic databases. Here the Fe K lines from the XSTAR database are used to label the features seen in this Con-X simulation.
Profit Chart shown
for Con-X data, breaking single spectral into 5 separate spectral plots.
Profit also has some "convenience" features. Here, the Chart button has broken the Con-X spectrum shown in the previous screenshot into 5 spectra, allowing individual features to be more easily seen.

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