The German eROSITA Consortium (eROSITA-DE) makes public the (German-led) observations obtained during the Calibration and Performance Verification (Cal-PV) program. This public data release is called eROSITA-DE Early Data Release (EDR). The MPE site contains up-to-date and detailed information.

Link Description
Data and Catalog Access: Access the calibrated event files and catalogs via our Archive.
Analysis: Information about analysis software, tools, and scripts are available via the eROSITA Science Analysis Software System (eSASS).
Calibration: eSASS also comes with a Calibration Database (CALDB), which is used by the distinct eSASS tasks.
Acknowledgments If you use eROSITA-DE EDR data and/or the eSASS software in your publication, please acknowledge eROSITA-DE using the instructions provided here.

Need Help?

The eROSITA-DE page also provides technical information about eROSITA: mirrors and CCDs, calibration, pattern fractions and processing modes. Documentation about known issues (light leak, camera electronics susceptibility and data artefacts) is also available. Scientists are strongly encouraged to read these pages since it will help them to understand better the eROSITA data. If you have questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, perhaps your doubt is already answered there.

For additional questions, please visit the Help Forum, where any member of the eROSITA-DE community or a future external user can answer your question.

Latest News

Feb 26, 2022

eROSITA suspended operations and placed in safe mode. Read more here.

June 28, 2021

eROSITA Early Release Data is made public via the eROSITA-DE page.

June 10, 2020

SRG completes first all-sky X-ray survey, which lasted from December 8, 2019 to June 10, 2020.

mid-Dec, 2019.

eROSITA completes the Calibration and Performance Verification (Cal-PV) program.