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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Exploring the X-ray Universe: Suzaku and Beyond

The Suzaku projects hosted this conference at SLAC during July 20-22, 2011. The full proceedings will be published as an e-book by AIP in due course. In the mean time, we have collected the oral presentations and converted, where necessary, into PDF format (download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader).

PresenterPresentation TitleSize
Jul 20 (Mbytes)
A. Simionescu Baryons in the outskirts of the X-ray brightest galaxy cluster 5.8
E. Miller The Outer Limits of Galaxy Clusters: Observations to the Virial Radius with Suzaku, XMM, and Chandra 5.8
K. Matsushita Metals in the intracluster medium 7.7
N. Ota Detection of hard X-ray emission from the hottest Abell galaxy cluster A2163 with Suzaku 1.0
J. de Plaa Turbulence measurements in two giant elliptical galaxies 5.7
D. Koutroumpa Charge Exchange in the heliosphere and elsewhere 3.0
N. Kawaii Scientific Results from Two Years of MAXI Observations 50
J. Miller Black Hole Binaries 3.4
S. Yamada Wide-band & Intensity-related spectral analysis of Cyggnus X-1 with Suzaku 7.2
M. Nowak Suzaku Observations of 4U 1957+11: The Most Rapidly Spinning Black Hole in the Galaxy? 11
A. Bodaghee Suzaku observations of supergiant X-ray binaries 4.6
K. Mukai The X-ray evolution of the symbiotic star V407 Cygni during its 2010 outburst 0.9
Y. Terada First X-ray Detection from a Bow Shock Region of a Runaway Star, BD+43 3654, with Suzaku 8.3
K. Pottschmidt A Suzaku View of Cyclotron Line Sources and Candidates 1.8
Y. Uchiyama Gamma-ray Loud X-ray Binaries 14
T. Enoto Recent Suzaku studies of the X-ray emission from Magnetars 14
Jul 21  
H. Yamaguchi Recombination X-rays from mixed-morphology SNRs 6.1
S. Park Progenitor Metallicity of Kepler's Supernova 2.4
H. Uchida A breath of fresh air from the old Swan - A detailed Suzaku study of an evolved SNR, the Cygnus Loop 11
K. Mitsuda Status and future of Suzaku  
M. Tsujimoto Status report of the X-ray Imaging Spectrometer 2.4
S. Yamada Status report of the Hard X-ray Detector 8.8
M. Ohno The Six Year Results of Suzaku Wide-band All-sky Monitor 15
T. Takahashi The ASTRO-H mission  
D. Takei X-ray Studies of Classical Novae 0.5
T. Nakano Attempts toward Understanding the Formation of Magnetars  
S. Torii The Suzaku View of Cyg X-1 over the Two Spectral States 9.2
K. Saitou A multi-wavelength study of the first gamma-ray emitting LMXB XSS J12270-4859 4.1
E. Rivers A Suzaku Observation of MCG-2-58-22: Constraining the Geometry of the Circumnuclear Meterial 1.8
I. Mitsuishi Suzaku/XMM/Chandra study of Fe K line complex in the nuclear regino of NGC 253 4.9
A. Lohfink Systematic Errors on Black Hole Spin 0.6
A. Marinucci The unique Suzaku discovery of variability in the Compton-thick absorber in NGC 4945 4.4
Y. Su Suzaku observations of the X-ray brightest fossil group ESO 3060170 1.2
T. Tanaka X-ray and Gamma-Ray Studies of Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnants 9.1
L. Stawarz Multi-wavelength studies of Blazars 20
Jul 22  
C. Reynolds X-ray reflection probes of relativistic astrophysics in AGN 11
J. Turner X-ray Signatures of Circumnuclear gas in AGN 5.9
L. Brenneman Suzaku View of Inner Disk Eclipses in NGC 1365 8.0
F. Tombesi New insights on the accretion disk-winds connection in radio-loud AGNs from Suzaku 4.0
N. Isobe Evolution of the jet energetics revealed with the Suzaku observations of giant radio galaxies 5.5
L. Winter Uncovering Local Absorbed AGN with Swift and Suzaku 5.5
D. Evans The Sudden Death of the Nearest Quasar 7.5
E. Triester Heavily-Obscured Growing Supermassive Black Holes in ULIRGs 26
T. Tsuru Suzaku Observation of the Galactic Center Region 14
M. Nobukawa Suzaku Study of X-ray Emission from the Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center  
T. Yuasa Suzaku Studies of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables and the Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission 6.1
T. Hayashi Suzaku observation of the eclipsing intermediate polar EX Hydrae 40
H. Murayama Bob in the Late Universe Darkness 32
P. Di Nezza ALICE in the Early Universe Wonderland 19

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