Xronos version 4 vs 5
Starting from version 5, Xronos changes the user interface, and many tasks have been combined together. Listed below are some of the differences :

* User Interface
All xronos tasks make use of parameter file, Xanadu Parameter Interface, similarly to all the other programs in HEAsoft. This allows for examples to use 'pset' and 'pget' to set and get a parameter from the parameter file, 'plist' to list parameter files.
* Tasks name
Many of the xronos 4 tasks have been combined some the capability enhanced. To avoid conflict with task name in xronos 4 all tasks have new names. The table below lists in the first column the task name under xronos 5,cd .. ls the task names for that funcionaly under xronos 4 in column three. a brief comment in column two
Xronos5 Comment Xronos 4
lcurve lc1,lc2,lc3 Up to 4 time series
efold ef1,ef2,ef3 Up to 4 time series
efsearch efs Search for the best period using a chi-squared test on folded lightcurves
powspec psd, pss Calculate power spectra density. Slow and fast algorythm combined
autocor acf, acs Calculate auto correlation for a time series. Slow and fast algorythm combined
crosscor ccf, ccs Calculate cross correlation of two time series. Slow and fast algorythm combined
lcstats sta Calculate statistical variables for a time series
timeskew tss Calculate time skewness for a time series
listdata lda, asc list data file on a screen or on file

* Input and Output
Input and Output files are only in FITS format. The script "ascii2flc" make an ascii file into a fits that can be input in any of the xronos tasks. The rbf file can be translate into FITS via 'rbf2fits' This program is not available under LINUX operating sytem.
The shell 'xronos' program is not yet available. Therefore typing 'xronos' will result in "Command not found"
* Window files
Window files can not longer be input interactively. A window file need to be created before running any 'xronos' task using the script 'xronwin'
* Help
The help file to each task can be obtained by 'fhelp taskname', e.g. 'fhelp lcurve'
* Multiple File
Multiple files for each time series can no longer be entered interactively, but via an ascii file that lists one filename per line. Files for different time series have to be separated by '///'.
* Additional Task
flc2ascii  - [P] Dump xronos input or output in ASCII file readable by QD
ascii2flc  - [P] creates a xronos input FITS file from an ASCII file
rbf2fits   - Converts the "EXOSAT rate buffer" format in FITS.
earth2sun  - change times to solar system barycenter (Table validity up 2000)
lcmath     - Subtracts or adds two binned lightcurves

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