Release Note History
* Changes in version 5.21
  • Minor upgrades:
    • The 'veN' file option now selects a GTI extension for use as exposure if the input file is an event list.
    • Maximum number of files that can be in a single series increased from 50 to 1000.

Changes in version 5.20
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • TIMEDEL column's unit not checked, assumed seconds
    • If there is more than one event file in a series, the first event of the additional files is not counted
    • earth2sun: wrong TSTART and TSTOP with RATE files
    • efold: segfault when executing with series of 4 energy bands

Changes in version 5.19
  • Minor bug fixes aimed at improving support for Linux and Mac OS X.

Changes in version 5.18
  • earth2sun - ephemeris table extended validity period from 1950-2000 to 1950-2050
  • efsearch - now plots on the X-axis the offset period from the best period rather than full period
  • efsearch & efold - add parameter to skip the exposure calculation for input event file
  • lcurve/efold - Add an option to plot color ratio and intensities versus time (or phase) for two input light curves

Changes in version 5.16
  • lcurve - fixed bug that causes a crash, on OSF platform, when use multiple time series as input
  • fixed labels in the default plot files
  • fixed warnings seen at building time due to incorrect parsing in routines that print messages

Changes in version 5.15
  • rbf2fits - Y2k update
  • earth2sun - leap seconds update
  • Add half bin integration time to TSTART and TSTOP keywords in the lcurve output.

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