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diskline: accretion disk line emission, relativistic

A line emission from a relativistic accretion disk. See Fabian et al. (1989). Setting par2 to 10 is the special case of the accretion disk emissivity law $(1-\sqrt{6/R})/R^3$.

par1 line energy
par2 power law dependence of emissivity. If this parameter is 10 or greater then the accretion disk emissivity law $(1-\sqrt{6/R})/R^3$ is used. Otherwise the emissivity scales as R $^{\mbox{par2}}$
par3 inner radius (units of GM/c$^2$)
par4 outer radius (units of GM/c$^2$)
par5 inclination (degrees)
norm photon/cm$^2$/s in the spectrum