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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility


XMM-Newton Guest Observer Program Summary of Research

NASA and the federal government have specific requirements for the reporting of results obtained by the recipients of grant funds. The documentment Grant and Cooperative Agreement Manual details much of this information.

XMM-Newton GOs receiving NASA grants are required to file a Summary of Research Report detailing their supported activities within 90 days of the conclusion of the grant period. The report should list the objectives of the research and the achieved goals, including the dissemination of the results (i.e., papers published on the subject). The report should be submitted by the budget Principal Investigator, and should include the activities of any subgrant recipients. If the proposed research was not feasible, explain why not.

A standard form for the Report is available in ps, pdf, and annotated LaTex formats.

NOTE: The proposal number that is requested at the top right of the form is that of the original science proposal. This is the six-digit number assigned by ESA.

The Report should be emailed to the following: Technical Officer (TO), Center for Aerospace Information (CASI), Administrative Grant Officer (AGO), and NASA Grant Officer (GO). The addresses for the AGO and GO can be found in the grant award notification information. For the TO and CASI, use the addresses at the bottom of this page. The Grant Number (formerly a NAG number) can also be found in the grant package.

NASA-funded XMM-Newton Guest Observer Publications and Data Access

NASA has specific requirements regarding free, public access of NASA-funded work. All researchers (civil servants and non-civil servants) who received funding from NASA are required to place their peer-reviewed publications and associated data in NASA's designated public repository. Please note that this does NOT include patents, publications that contain material governed by personal privacy, export control, proprietary restrictions, or national security law or regulations. Information on how to submit your paper can be found here.

Grant Transfers and Rebudgetting

PIs with grants who change employers and PIs who wish to reallocate funds in their budgets are required to notify the NASA Technical Officer as soon as possible in order to ensure that their funds are properly dealt with. The minimum amount of money that may be transferred is $5,000. Please note that the money can be lost entirely if it is not transferred properly and in a timely manner! This is a checklist of all that is required, from all parties involved. To expand on this a bit, if you are a PI, you need to do all of the following steps below. If you are only rebudgetting, you need to do steps 4 and 5 below.

1) Contact the NASA Technical Officer, and provide the following information:

  • the name of the XMM grant you are transferring,
  • the amount of money you are transferring,
  • a reason for the move to the new institution (NASA requires the Technical Officer to justify the funding transfer)
  • 2) Contact your old institution's resource analyst and request that the following be sent to the NASA Technical Officer:

  • Relinquishment Letter, which includes the date relinquished
  • SF 425 (Financial Report), reflecting the amount to relinquish
  • Any past due Progress Report(s)
  • 3) Contact your new institution's resource analyst and request that they send the NASA Technical Officer the following:

  • the completed Required Certification form
  • a Letter of Acceptance
  • AOR/POC contact information
  • Indirect Rate Agreement
  • 4) Make the PDF you need to send to the NASA Technical Officer.

    PIs need to use ARK, not NSPIRES, to fill out the Cover Form, General Form, and Budget Form. The sections appear as drop-down mini-forms by clicking on the green triangles next to the section headers. (Clicking on the section headers themselves takes you to a help page for that section.) After you have entered the information, click on the green "PDF" button at the bottom of the page. This will generate a 3-page document. On the second page, there is a section for Institutional Endorsements. Print out the form, and get the signatures the old-fashioned way. (Unfortunately, there is no way to do this electronically.)

    5) Send the following to the NASA Technical Officer:

  • the proposal, including Statement of Work
  • the PDF from step 4
  • the budget proposal's Justification and Narrative
  • your CV and contact information
  • When the NASA Technical Officer has received all of the above, they will attach their own documents and send the complete package to the NSSC. Please note that it is NASA policy that incomplete transfer requests will not be processed.

    Please use the contact information below.

    Technical Officer

    Center for Aerospace Information

    Dr. Kimberly Weaver
    XMM-Newton Technical Officer
    Code 662
    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
    Greenbelt, MD 20771
    Center for Aerospace Information
    ATTN: Document Processing Section
    7121 Standard Dr.
    Hanover, MD 21076

    Note that if any inventions (including software) are derived from the supported grant activity there are special reporting requirements as well. See Exhibit G for further information.

    If you have any questions concerning XMM-Newton send e-mail to