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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility


    XMM-Newton Calibration Database

    The XMM-Newton calibration files are required by all users of the Science Analysis System (SAS). They are distributed separately and are currently available only through the calibration area at the official XMM-Newton site of the ESA Science Operations Centre (SOC):

    Calibration Portal

    For help in mirroring calibration filese see:
    How to mirror Calibration files at GSFC and ESA

    Calibration status

    The status of the EPIC, RGS and OM calibrations is presented at:

    Calibration Release Notes:

    Canned Calibration Files

    • EPIC:
      Canned response files (RMFs and ARFs) for the EPIC cameras are available from the ESAC Calibration area (Europe), and also through the HEASARC caldb (US). Descriptions of the filename nomenclature can be found at the SOC and GSFC mirror pages.

    • RGS:
      RGS response matrices, suitable for XSPEC simulations only, can be found at the U.S. GOF. These have ARFs included. Please note that they have been generated for a specific observation and cannot be used sensibly for any data analysis. However, they can be used for observation simulations and proposal evaluation. Also take note that these response matrices cannot be used for off-axis, or any other non-typical observation scenario (e.g. extended or confused sources).

    Background Files

    • EPIC:
      Background files for XMM instruments are available from the SOC. Descriptions of the files can be found at the SOC pages.

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