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How to Mirror XMM CCF files from GSFC (and ESA)

If you would like to mirror the XMM-Newton CCF files from GSFC the below commands will work on most unix/linux systems that have wget installed.
If you don't have wget installed, it can be downloaded from the: GNU Wget page or via the yum/fink/ports commands often found on newer Mac and Linux systems. On the Mac use the command:

'fink install wget'
On Linux with the command:
'yum install wget'

To download and mirror the full CCF directory and the other subdirectories available via GSFC (44 Gb):

If the below commands are executed in the target directory, then wget will retrieve only the CCF files that do not already exist or have been updated.

wget -m -nH --cut-dirs=2 -np ftps:// &

To download only the CCF files (3 Gb):

wget -m -nH --cut-dirs=3 -l 2 -np ftps:// &

To download only the ESAS files (4 Gb):

wget -m -nH --cut-dirs=2 -l 2 -np ftps:// &

Note: If you want to retrieve the same files directly from ESA just replace the ftp location with:

If you have any questions concerning XMM-Newton send e-mail to

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