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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility


Do you have an XMM grant and are you moving to a new institution? If so, please be aware that you need to contact the NASA Technical Officer as soon as possible to make sure you can take your money with you! Click here for more information.

Note that final reports for XMM-Newton GO grants are required upon completion of the grant award period. Additional instructions for submitting final grant recipient reports, as well as a required form, can be found here. Yearly progress reports are also required.

Do you need to request a No Cost Extension (NCE) on an XMM grant? Click here!

Have you published a peer-reviewed paper using NASA funds? Please remember that you are required to place it and any associated data into NASA's STI Repository. Instructions on how to submit your paper can be found here.

The AO-23 Call For Budget Proposals


Wednesday, 20 March 2024 Release of AO-23 NASA GO Budget Announcement (managed by the GSFC GOF)
FRIDAY, 26 APRIL 2024 at 5:30 PM EDTClosure of AO-23 A/B Target Budget Submission Process
June 2024 Results of AO-23 Budget Process Announced

AO-23 Budget Proposal Information:

AO-23 funding through the GOF is available for US PI XMM science proposals accepted at the A or B levels. Some funding is also available for proposals at the C level. Qualifying PIs are being/will be notified.

For the analysis of XMM data which are no longer proprietary, funding proposals may be submitted through the ADAP. Data which are still proprietary are not eligible for funding through the ADAP.

NASA has released a call for budget proposals (the generic version can be found here) in support of accepted XMM-Newton AO-23. The budget process is open only to guest observers who are employed by U.S. institutions during the periods of performance of the investigations.

The current schedule for the review of the budget proposals is listed above. Note, however, that the dates of events are subject to change.

Useful pages for making your proposal:

Useful general reference pages:

Important Notes and Guidelines for AO-23 Budget Proposals:

  • The GOF continues to use NSPIRES to collect the proposals. As such, we continue to urge PIs who may not have worked with NSPIRES before to familiarize themselves with it, as it can be tricky at first.
  • The Certification Form, which we used to require separately, is now handled by the NSPIRES submission process and does not need to be included in the Proposal Document uploaded to NSPIRES.

Check List for Proposal Document to be Uploaded to NSPIRES

Detailed instructions for how to make and submit your proposal can be found in the ABC Guide for Budget Proposals. A check list is provided below for convenience to verify it prior to uploading to NSPIRES.

PIs are reminded that reviewers will consider only those pages in each proposal section that do not exceed the page limits specified below. Proposals that are missing a section may not be considered.

NEW! Please note that a justification letter for appointing a Budget PI (if not the same as the Science PI) is no longer needed. The Budget PI must be at the same institution as the Science PI.

Cover Page
Budget Justification
REQUIRED. Justify the requested budget.
Scientific Justification
As Needed
REQUIRED. The 4 or 5 page Scientific Justification from the observation proposal. For ToO budget requests, a one page scientific justification should be submitted.
Current and Pending Funding
As Needed
REQUIRED. A standard form is available, but you may use a different form.
REQUIRED for the Budget PI.
Institutional Budget
If required by the Budget PI's institution, a short institutional budget for this particular grant may be uploaded.

Help Desks

The XMM-Newton Helpdesk at the SOC provides a way to send technical queries to mission specialists and programmers.

Mail the XMM-Newton US GOF directly at for all other XMM-Newton questions. Questions regarding funding and assistance in proposal submission may be addressed to Dr. Kim Weaver (

If you have any questions concerning XMM-Newton send e-mail to