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False Color * 0.4 - 0.75 keV 0.75 - 1.3 keV
s308 s308 s308
0.4 - 1.3 keV 2.0 - 7.2 keV DSS
s308 s308 s308 DSS placeholder

List of Observations
s308 0.4-0.75 keV FITS image
s308 0.75-1.3 keV FITS image
s308 0.4-1.3 keV FITS image
s308 2.0-7.2 keV FITS image

* The false-color image uses the 0.4-0.75 keV band for red, 0.75-1.3 keV band for green, and the 2.0-7.2 keV band for blue.

More information on S308 NEBULAE can be found at:

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Papers based on these XMN-Newton data:

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