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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility
XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting #4

Mar 2005 @ GSFC, Greenbelt, MD

1. Introductory remarks
2. Status summary from US Project Scientist
3. GOF summary of support work accomplished
4. Statement from GOF scientists
5. Budget Review


XMM-Newton Users' Group Committee:
Megan Donahue
Mike Eracleous
Rita Sambruna
Wilt Saunders
Pat Slane
Fred Walter

XMM-Newton Mission Scientists:
Richard Griffiths (chair)
Richard Mushotzky

XMM-Newton GOF:
Mike Arida
Stefan Immler
Brendan Perry
Steve Snowden


NASA/HQ - Update - Alan Smale

U.S. XMM-GOF - Mission Status - Steve Snowden

U.S. XMM-GOF - Update - Steve Snowden

SAS Update - Brendan Perry

XMM Bibliography - Stefan Immler

XMM - OM - Stefan Immler

XMM - RGS - Stefan Immler

XMM - EPIC - Steve Snowden

U.S. XMM Archive - Michael Arida


1) GO funding has been increased to a level roughly commensurate with CXO.

2) SAS v. 6.5 is scheduled for release in Fall '05.

3) The data from the Optical Monitor are now much more easily usable.
   (e.g. omfchain)

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