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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility

XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting #7

May 2008 @ GSFC, Greenbelt, MD

01. Welcome - Agenda
02. Introduction and Quick Mission Status
03. The view from NASA HQ+
04. Activities and Status of the GOF
05. Status and Future of SAS
06. Trend Data
07. XMM-Newton Publication Tracking
08. Status of the RGS
09. Object-oriented database
10. Status of the OM
11. SAS in HERA
12. Status of EPIC
13. Background Modeling
14. Satus of User Support and Archive
15 .Budget issues
16. E/PO
17. Budget Review
18. USG Closed Session


XMM-Newton Users' Group Committee:
Richard Griffiths (Chair)
Alex Brown
You-Hua Chu
Megan Donahue
Paul Plucinsky

Alan Smale (NASA/HQ)
Wilt Sanders(NASA/HQ) 
Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma, via telecon)

XMM-Newton Mission Scientists:
Richard Griffiths (chair)
Richard Mushotzky

XMM-Newton GOF:
Steve Snowden
Richard Shafer
Lynne Valencic
Mike Arida
Brendan Perry
Sandy Barnes


NASA/HQ - Update/2008 Senior Review results - Alan Smale

Mission Status - Richard Mushotzky

GOF - Update - Steve Snowden

SAS Update - Trend software  - Brendan Perry

RGS & Publications - Lynne Valencic

Hera - Rick Shafer

OM - Rick Shafer

EPIC - Steve Snowden

U.S. Archive Status - Michael Arida

E&PO - Lynn Cominsky

Meeting Minutes

Summary of US Users Group Meeting for XMM-Newton, held April 30, 2007

In Attendance: Alex Brown, You-Hua Chu, Megan Donahue, Richard Griffiths, Paul Plucinsky

ex-officio: Alan Smale, Wilt Sanders, Richard Mushotzky, Steve Snowden, Rick Shafer,
Lynne Valencic, Mike Arida, Brendan Perry, Lynn Cominsky (part-time, via telecon)

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