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The 5th US X-ray Astronomy School

August 6 - 10, 2007
The George Washington University
Washington DC

There are currently five operating X-ray astronomer satellites, Chandra, RXTE, Swift, Suzaku, and XMM-Newton, in addition to the on-line archives from earlier missions. X-ray astronomy is thus an important resoource for research in many topics in astrophysics. However, many astronomers have never analyzed X-ray data and do not have a clear idea of the methods and challenges involved.

To enable young astronomers to get a good command of an important sub-topic in astronomy, we are organizing our fifth X-ray school intended for graduate students and recent postdocs who want to understand the intricacies of X-ray astronomy.

The emphasis will be on the foundations of X-ray astronomy rather than on any particular software tools. However, the school does include a hands-on component in which participants will analyze an X-ray dataset of their choise using the standard software.

The school is organized jointly by the HEASARC, CRESST, the Chandra X-ray Center, and the Physics Department, The George Washington University.

Questions ? Feel free to contact us.

2005 X-ray School at CfA

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