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    SkyView is a Virtual Observatory on the Net(at generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to Gamma-Ray. This panel is used to select, download and store the images. The temporary image Fits files are nameed as skyview.tmp[n], where n is a integer. Users may rename and save these images later.
  • Coordinate or Source

      This field is used to determine the center of the field to be retrieved. If you specify coordinates these are used as the center. When equatorial coordinates are being used the RA may be specified as either hh mm ss or ddd.fff, i.e., in hours or in decimal degrees. The coordinate fields must be separated by a comma or sign of the declination.

      If any letter is used in this field the field is assumed to be an object name and is sent to the SIMBAD name resolver to be resolved.


      6 45 10.76 -16 41 57.82

      6 45 10.76, -16 41 57.82

      101.2948411 -16.6993947

      101.2948411, -16.6993947


  • Choose desired survey:

      This selection box allows you to select data from a survey. The details of each individual survey can be found in the web site

  • Coordinate System

      Click on this field to choose among equatorial, galactic and ecliptic coordinates. The default is equatorial.

      You may select the equinox year to be used in Equatorial or Ecliptic coordinates. Any equinox year within about two centuries of the present may be used. The default is 2000.

  • Image width

      This field sets the size of the image in degrees. Enter the size of the sides of the image in the projected coordinates. Since there are distortions in the projection, the actual distance between corners of the image can be more or less than the specified size.

      Note that the default size for an image is 300 times the intrinsic pixel size of an image.

  • Image dimensions

      You may select the dimensions of the image to be produced in pixels. By default an 300x300 image is produced. In conjunction with the image-size field you can control the resolution of the image.

  • Retrive catalog of objects within image

      If this checkbox is set, a listing of objects in the image will be retrieved and returned as an additional FITS table.

  • Catalogs

      This selection box allows you to select catalog(s) from which the objects are retrieved. This is only valid when Retrive catalog is set. Use the left mouse button and click the desired catalog on the list box to select it. To deselect it, click it again. Multiple catalogs may be selected in this way.

  • Display image after retriving

      Determine whether to make a plot of image and objects after retrieving them.

  • Submit

      Pressing this button submits the request to be processed by SkyView. This button will be disabled during the HTTP transaction.

  • Reset

      Pressing this button resets the entries.

  • Cancel

      Pressing this button closes the dialog box. This button will be disabled during the HTTP transaction.

  • Help

      Pressing this button opens the help file.

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