Create A New FITS File

To create a new FITS file with a primary image array, you need to specify the following parameters:
  • File name: If a full path is not specified, the file will be created in the current directory (as shown in the open file dialog box).
  • Data Type: The basic data types are
    • Byte : bitpix = 8
    • Integer : bitpix = 16
    • Long : bitpix = 32
    • Float : bitpix = -32
    • Long Long : bitpix = 64
    • Double : bitpix = -64
    The first 3 can be either Signed or Unsigned. BSCALE and BZERO keywords will be created to produce the non-standard Signed Byte and Unsigned Integer and Long data types.
  • Dimensions: Provide the size of the array with a comma- or space-separated list of its dimensions. For example, a 3-dimensional image could be specified with "10 20 30", producing in image with dimensions of 10x20x30.

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