fv: New Features

The latest version of fv is version 5.2.1 released on July, 2008.


  • Bug fixed: correct FITS Header string to WCSLib overflow 80 characters limit per card.
  • Bug fixed: file selection panel not been displayed during exiting fv/pow application when the FITS file is modified during the session.
  • Bug fixed: when editing plot/image information, new title string is not been updated in the graph bug.
  • Bug fixed: zoom/unzoom of plot/image cause labels and units of the graph disappeared.
  • Bug fixed: fv/pow crashes during rendering of graph/image if the FITS file consists of inconsistence coordinates or unsupported coordinates system.
  • Bug fixed: un-necessary X and Y labels displayed in POW window (no image/plot created yet) when xspec is invoked.
  • Enhancement: denote -SIP projection to its counter-part (i.e. -TAN-SIP to -TAN projection.)
  • Enhancement: allow the selection of columns panel to remain visible during plotting.
  • Enhancement: allow renaming capability of created region files when running special analysis tools in Hera.

Go to release notes for version 5.1.

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