The POW edit menu

  • Edit Graph: This sequence of dialogues allows you to change the curves and images displayed on a graph, and to define new curves and new images from existing data. The ability to read in new data will be available soon.
  • Add Text Label: You can add an arbitrary text label to a graph. One can control the font used for each label. Labels can be attached either to the graph's geometry (eg, legends) or to its coordinate system (eg, labeling objects).
  • Choose Graph Size: You can resize the currently selected graph to given dimensions (in pixels).
  • Duplicate Graph: Make an exact duplicate of the current graph.
  • Delete Graph: Permanantly remove a graph. The objects within the graph are not destroyed, however, and are still available from the Edit Graph window.
  • Merge Graphs: Selecting a graph from the hierarchical menu will cause the contents of that graph to be copied into the currently selected graph.
  • Hide Graph: This allows you to remove any graph from display on the POW canvas. The graph may be replotted later.
  • Replot Graph: This allows you to restore a previously hidden graph to the POW canvas. Replotting a graph will cause POW to recalculate the x and y limits of the graph to allow you to see all of the defined items on that graph; that is all the points of all the curves and all of the images will be visible.
  • Axes Transforms: Select the type of logarithmic/linear axes to use for the current graph. Any curves present will be remapped to the appropriate axes. POW will attempt to maintain the current axes bounds.
  • Tick Labels: You may choose decimal or Base 60/degree (WCS) formats for the axis labels on your graphs and for what shows up in the Coordinate tracker. "Base 60" axes only apply to graphs which contain images or curves with WCS coordinate information.
  • Grid Line Options: You can toggle the grid on or off and choose dashed and colored grid styles for the currently selected graph. More options are available from the Edit Graphs dialog box.
  • Preferences: Set default behaviors and appearance for POW, curves, images, and graphs. See Preferences.

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