The POW Print Control

When Print button is selected, POW will create a preview image of the entire POW main image screen. There are several button choices available on the top the preview window:

  • Print: Brings up the print dialog window (see Print Dialog)
  • Fit to Page (or Original Size): Zoom the image to fit the desire paper size or unzoom the image back to original fize
  • Page Setup: Bring up the output page setup window (see Page Setup)

    Print Dialog

    Select the destination of output


      Printer Command: specify the command to send the image to printer. In Windows, this field is been updated with WinPrint.exe package that came with the installation.


      File Name: specify the output file name of the saved image. The extension of the file will change via the selection from the pull down menu next to the word format:

      format: specify the format of the file of the saved image. The extension in the file name will change via the selection from pull down menu

      Directory: specify the destination directory for the image file to be saved. User can type in the directory or use Browse button to bring up a directory nagivation window to choose the destination directory.

      Print/Save Range: specify the range of pages to be saved or print. Choices are All pages, Current Page, or Page No.

    Note: if selection is File and there are more than one page to be saved, the files will be saved in manner of

      <File Name>_0.<format extension>,
      <File Name>_1.<format extension>,
      <File Name>_2.<format extension>, etc.

    Page Setup

    Select the paper type as well as orientation of the image on the paper.

      Paper Size: Select from the pull down menu of available paper size to output.
      Orientation Size: Select either Portrait or LandScape orientation of image on the output.
      Placement: determine way of output. Choices are
      • Fit on one page: Fit every image/plot into one page.
      • Best Fit on multiple pages: Allow system to determine the best way to fit images/plots onto muliple pages. This is a good choice if the user is concerning about saving paper.
      • One graph per page: Just output one image/plot per pages.

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