The POW X Range Selection


POW provides the user with the ability to restrict the analysis to only those photons that were detected within certain time intervals.

Creating a Range

When the range dialog box is open, a new range can be created by placing the mouse at the desired location in the graph and click-and-drag with the left mouse button down.

Current Range and Manipulation

The current range is the one highlighted in the dialog's list of ranges and "tagged" on the plot. Upon selection (clicking the left mouse button on a range in the list or on the graph itself) or creation, the definition of the current range is placed in the current range portion of the dialog box. A range consists of 2 parts: beginning and ending value on the X axis.

To move a range, simply click the left mouse button on tope of the range and drag it to the new location.

The Delete button in the Range dialog deletes the current range and the next range in the list (or previous range if deleting the last range) becomes the current range. All the ranges can be deleted with the Clear All button.

To Split a range into 2 pieces by holding down the 'shift' key while dragging the left mouse across the middle of the colored horizontal bar for that time range.

To see finer details, zoom in on the plot by dragging out the area of interest with the right mouse button.

'Double click' the right mouse button to unzoom and see the entire area of the plot.

Saving/Opening Range Files

At the bottom of the Region dialog are a pair of Open and Save buttons which will read and write range files.
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