show event

Displays the event extension of a data file. This can be referenced either by its number in the observation catalogue (show_from = o), or by its place in the list of read-in data files (show_from = d). Use show data to determine the latter. The number is given in the parameter show_which. This parameter currently accepts only one entry, and not a range of values.

The show_rows parameter controls which of the rows you wish to see. The show_method determines whether the data is displayed by column (show_method =dump), or by record (show_method=list).


xsel > show event <show_from> <show_which> [show_rows] [show_method]


So to show rows 1-50 of the 5th file from the current obscat, say

xsel > show event obscat 5 show{\_}rows=1-50

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