Xselect provides the facility to view the image (and to smooth it), the spectrum and the light curve output by the EXTRACT command, as well at to bin up and view the MKF parameters. Two of the plot commands, plot image and plot curve allow the graphical entry of selections.

The image most recently produced by the EXTRACT command can be viewed with the command

xsel >  plot image

Xselect uses the imagedisp parameter to determine which image display program to use. The default is ds9. If you want to change this to SAOtng then outside Xselect use the command

unix>  pset xselect imagedisp=saotng

If you want to smooth the image before viewing, use the SMOOTH command. Currently there are BOXCAR, GAUSSIAN and LORENTZIAN smoothing methods available.

The light curve most recently produced can be viewed with the command

xsel >  plot curve

You can plot the spectrum with

xsel >  plot spectrum

Also, to aid in the SELECT MKF command, the columns in the MKF file can be plotted. This must be done in two steps, first bin them (more than one parameter can be binned at a time) using

xsel >  mkfbin

Then you plot the parameters with the command

xsel >  plot mkf

Again, you can see more than 1 parameter per plot.

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