The following is a list of the Xselect commands that are currently available. For the XPI commands, see the XPI Commands heading.

  • bin - Old name for extract
  • choose - Choose observations from catalogue by number
  • cpd - Equivalent to set device
  • echo - Toggles echoing of Xselect command files to the screen
  • extract - Extract image, spectrum or light curve from data
  • filter - Set filters for the bin command
  • faint - Do faint-to-bright conversion
  • fast - Apply the SIS fast mode timing correction
  • gisclean - Filter data using a PI-Rise Time window
  • hkbin - Bin up an HK parameter(s)
  • hksel - Create a GTI file using HK data
  • (x)list - List the obscats or the work and data directories. The command name is xlist in xseltcl and ixselect.
  • (x)load - Load an extant observation catalogue. The command name is xload in xseltcl and ixselect.
  • mkfbin - Bin up parameters from the Mkfilter output file
  • make - Make observation catalogue
  • plot - Plot spectrum, light curve, image, HK parameter, or other
  • (x)read - Read in filename(s) of FITS file(s) to be used. The command name is xread in xseltcl and ixselect.
  • save - Save current session, product FITS file, spectrum, light curve, image
  • select - Apply Boolean expressions for data selection, for creating GTI intervals from HK or filter files, and for filtering the observation catalogue.
  • (x)set - Sets the mission, instrument and plot device, and the column names, and binsizes for extract. The command name is xset in xseltcl and ixselect.
  • show - Show data files, obscat, parameters, selections, or status
  • sisclean - Remove hot pixels from ASCA SIS data
  • sispi - Fill the PI column for ASCA SIS data.
  • clear - Clear input files, filters, selections, or everything
  • echo - Toggles echoing of command files to the screen
  • help - Obtain help on commands and syntax
  • exit - Exit from Xselect
  • quit - Exit from Xselect
  • stop - Exit from Xselect

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