Load an extant obscat


xsel >  load <load_what> <cat_name> [brief] [all] [only_datadir]

Loads an externally saved catalogue. This catalogue is then used for choose, select obs and show obscat. In xseltcl and ixselect the command name is xload to avoid conflict with a native Tcl command.

The command load obscat, with no catalogue name argument, will display a list of the catalogues in the obscat directory, and the data directory if one is set. The user can then choose from this list. Xselect will be automatically set for the mission, instrument and data directory of the loaded catalogue.

Otherwise the named obscat will be loaded.

The other parameters control the search for obscats, and the display. They work the same as for list obscat.


This loads the catalogue her_x1_sis0.cat:

xsel > load obscat her_x1_sis0.cat

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