eebremss: electron-electron bremsstrahlung spectrum

The emission due to electron-electron bremsstrahlug from a collisionally-ionized gas. Uses the approximations from Nozawa et al (2009). This component is already included in all the apec-derived models if APECEEBREMSS is xset to yes.

par1 plasma temperature, keV
par2 The number of electrons per H nucleus. The default is 1.2.
par3 Redshift, z
norm ${10^{-14}\over{4\pi[D_A(1+z)]^2}}\int
n_en_HdV$, where $D_A$ is the angular diameter distance to the source (cm), $dV$ is the volume element (cm$^3$), and $n_e$ and $n_H$ are the electron and H densities (cm$^{-3}$), respectively

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