sirf: self-irradiated funnel

The multi-blackbody “Self-IrRadiated Funnel” model is designed to model optically-thick outflow-dominated accretion. The basic idea is simple: you just assume a lot of matter, angular momentum and energy emerges in a limited volume. Momentum conservation leads to non-sphericity of the flow that has subsequently conical (funnel-like) shape. The model calculates temperature distribution at the funnel walls (taking into account irradiation by iterative process) and the outer photosphere. We also assume that inside the cone there is a deep pseudo-photosphere. Relativistic boosts are taken into account for high velocities. For a comprehensive description of the physical model, see: Abolmasov, Karpov & Kotani (2009).

par1 $t_{in}$, inner temperature (at the inner, inside-the-funnel photosphere).
par2 $r_{in}$, inner (inside-the-funnel photosphere) radius in “spherisation radius” units (the latter is defined as $3K\dot{M}/\Omega_fc$).
par3 $r_{out}$, outer photosphere radius in “spherisation radius” units.
par4 $\theta$, half-opening angle of the cone.
par5 incl, inclination angle of the funnel. Affects mainly self-occultation and relativistic boost effects.
par6 $v_\alpha$, velocity law exponent, $v \propto r^{v_\alpha}$.
par7 $\gamma$, adiabatic index. It affects the inner, hotter parts of the flow, therefore we set is to 4/3 by default.
par8 $\dot{m}$, mass ejection rate in Eddington (critical) units.
par9 irrad, number of iterations for irradiation.