log the session output

Open a log file.

Syntax: log [STAMP] <log file>

where <log file> is the name of the file to be opened (default extension is .log). If the name of the file is preceded by $>$ then the log is appended to this file. If no arguments are on the line, then the default file name is xspec.log. If <log file> matches the string none, then the current log file is closed. If the string STAMP is given as an argument then the log filename will include a data and time stamp. If <log file> has no suffix then the stamp is appended to the name and a .log suffix added. To change the chattiness level for the log file (ie. the amount of information written to the log file) use the chatter command. The default chatter level for the log file is 10.


XSPEC12> log
//Turn on the log file (default xspec.log).
XSPEC12> log none 
//Close the log file.
XSPEC12> log >mylog
//Append to the log file (mylog.log)
XSPEC12> chatter ,, 12
//Set the log file chattiness to 12.

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