Spectra for galaxy clusters using abundances based on models for SN yields.

NOTE: This model is now in the Xspec release and this page is superceded by the Xspec manual

This model calculates the spectrum for a galaxy cluster using the apec model with relative abundances based on SN yields. The relative amounts of SNIa and SNII can be set and there are a wide variety of different SN yield calculations available. It is straightforward to add the results of new yield calculations as they become available in the literature. This model is described in Bulbul, Smith and Loewenstein 2012 (ApJ 753, 54).

The fitting parameters of the model are as follows:

par1  =  Temperature: kT (keV)

par2  =  Number of SNe: N_SNe (10^9)

par3  =  Percentage of SNIa: R

par4  =   SNIa yield model: SNIModelIndex

par5  =   SNII yield model: SNIIModelIndex

par6  =   redshift

norm  =   the standard apec normalization

The yield models and sources are listed in snyields.dat.

To use this model:

  • Download snapec.cxx, snapec_lmodel.dat, and snyields.dat to some directory.
  • Edit the first line of snapec_lmodel.dat to replace the directory path at the end of the line with the path to the directory containing the snyields.dat file.
  • Build the model by running the XSPEC initpackage command.
  • When starting a new XSPEC use the lmod command to load the model.

To add or delete new yield models: add or delete the desired lines in snyields.dat, change the TOTMO variable defined at the beginning of snapec.cxx, and rebuild using initpackage in XSPEC.

Please send any questions or comments to Esra Bulbul at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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