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ASCA Publication List

The following are ASCA letters in PASJ June issue (volume 46, number 3)

"The X-ray Satellite ASCA"
Y. Tanaka, H. Inoue and S.S. Holt, 1994, PASJ, 46, L37.

"Discovery of an Obscured Low Luminosity Active Nucleus in the Spiral Galaxy NGC458
K. Makishima, R. Fujimoto, Y. Ishisaki, T. Kii, M. Loewenstein, R. Mushotzky, P. Serlemitsos, T. Sonobe, M. Tashiro and T. Yaqoob, 1994, PASJ, 46, L77.

"X-ray Spectroscopy of SNR E0102-72 with the ASCA Satellite"
I. Hayashi, K. Koyama, M. Ozaki, E. Miyata, H. Tsunemi, J.P. Hughes, and R. Petre, 1994, PASJ, 46, L121.

"An ASCA Observation of One Orbital Cycle of AR Lac"
N.E. White, K. Arnaud, C.S.R. Day, K. Ebisawa, E.V. Gotthelf, K. Mukai, Y. Soong, T. Yaqoob, and A. Antunes, 1994, PASJ, 46, L97.

"The Broad Band X-ray Spectrum of SN1978k and Two Other Luminous X-ray Sources in the Spiral Galaxy NGC1313"
R. Petre, K. Okada, T. Mihara, K. Makishima, and E.J.M. Colbert, 1994, PASJ, 46, L115.

"ASCA Observations of NGC1068"
S. Ueno, R.F. Mushotzky, K. Koyama, K. Iwasawa, H. Awaki, and I Hayashi, 1994, PASJ, 46, L71.

"ASCA Observations of Three Bright Early-type Galaxies, NGC4472, NGC4406, and NGC4636"
H. Awaki, R. Mushotzky, T. Tsuru, A.C. Fabian, Y. Fukazawa, M. Loewenstein, K. Makishima, H. Matsumoto, K. Matsushita, T. Mihara, T. Ohashi, G.R. Ricker, P.J. Serlemitsos, Y. Tsusaka, and T. Yamazaki, 1994, PASJ, 46, L65.

"A Non-Thermal X-Ray Spectrum from the Supernova Remnant W50"
S. Yamauchi, N. Kawai, and T. Aoki, 1994, PASJ, 46, L109.

"Resolving the Cygnus X-3 Iron K Line"
S. Kitamoto, K. Kawashima, H. Negoro, S. Miyamoto, N.E. White, and F. Nagase, 1994, PASJ, 46, L105.

"The X-ray Emission of 3C273 Observed with ASCA"
T. Yaqoob, P. Serlemitsos, R. Mushotzky, G. Ricker, J. Woo, K. Weaver, T. Kii, K. Mitsuda, T. Kotani, K. Hayashida, S. Murakami, and M. Tashiro, 1994, PASJ, 46, L49.

"The Complex X-Ray Spectra of Two High Redshift Quasars Observed with ASCA"
P. Serlemitsos, T. Yaqoob, G. Ricker, J. Woo, H. Kunieda, Y. Terashima, and K. Iwasawa, 1994, PASJ, 46, L43.

"Metal Concentration and X-Ray Cool Spectral Component in the Central Region of the Centaurus Cluster of Galaxies"
Y. Fukazawa, T. Ohashi, A.C. Fabian, C.R. Canizares, Y. Ikebe, K. Makishima, R.F. Mushotzky, and K. Yamashita, 1994, PASJ, 46, L55.

"ASCA Observations of the warm absorber in MCG 6-30-15: the Discovery of a Change in Column Density"
A.C. Fabian, H. Kunieda, S. Inoue, M. Matsuoka, T. Mihara, S. Miyamoto, C. Otani, G. Ricker, Y. Tanaka, M. Yamauchi, and T. Yaqoob, 1994, PASJ, 46, L59.

"ASCA Observations of Hard X-ray Emission from the Rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud"
K. Koyama, Y. Maeda, M. Ozaki, S. Ueno, Y. Kamata, Y. Tawara, S. Skinner, and S. Yamauchi, 1994, PASJ, 46, L125.

"ASCA Observations of the Wolf-Rayet Binary HD 193793"
K. Koyama, Y. Maeda, T. Tsuru, F. Nagase, and S. Skinner, 1994, PASJ, 46, L93.

"Plasma Structure of the North-East Rim of the Cygnus Loop as Observed with ASCA"
E. Miyata, H. Tsunemi, R. Pisarski, and S.E. Kissel, 1994, PASJ, 46, L101.

"The ASCA PV Phase Observation of FO Aquarii"
K. Mukai, M. Ishida, and J.P. Osborne, 1994, PASJ, 46, L87.

"Observations of EX Hydrae with ASCA"
M. Ishida, K. Mukai, and J.P. Osborne, 1994, PASJ, 46, L81.

Other publications:

"The reflection-dominated X-ray spectrum of NGC 6552"
C.S. Reynolds, A.C. Fabian, K. Makishima, Y. Fukazawa, and T. Tamura, 1994, MNRAS, 268, L55.

"X-ray Identification of the Soft g-ray repeater 1806-20"
T. Murakami, Y. Tanaka, S.R. Kulkarni, Y. Ogasaka, T. Sonobe, Y. Ogawara, T. Aoki, and A. Yoshida, 1994, Nature, 368, 6467, 127.

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