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ASCA Guest Observer Facility

Recent ASCA Publications

"Multiwavelength Observations of Markarian 421 During a TeV/X-ray Flare"
D.J. Macomb, C.W. Akerlof, H.D. Aller, M.F. Aller, D.L. Bertsch, F. Bruhweiler, J.H. Buckley, D.A. Carter-Lewis, M.F. Cawley, K.-P. Cheng, C. Dermer, D.J. Fegan, J.A. Gaidos, W.K. Gear, C.R. Hall, R.C. Hartman, A.M. Hillas, M. Kafatos, A.D. Kerrick, D.A. Kniffen, Y. Kondo, H. Kubo, R.C. Lamb, F. Makino, K. Makishima, A. Marscher, J. McEnery, I.M. McHardy, D.I. Meyer, E.M. Moore, E. Ramos, E.I. Robson, H.J. Rose, M.S. Schubnell, G. Sembronski, J.A. Stevens, T. Takahashi, M. Tashiro, T.C. Weekes, C. Wilson and J. Zweerink, 1995, ApJ 449, L99.
"The Iron K-alpha Line Profile in NGC 4151"
T. Yaqoob, R. Edelson, K.A. Weaver, R.S. Warwick, R.F. Mushotzky, P.J. Serlemitsos, and S.S. Holt, 1995, ApJ 453, L81.
"Strong X-ray Absorption in a Broad Absorption Line Quasar: PHL 5200"
S. Mathur, M. Elvis, and K.P. Singh, 1995, ApJ 455, L9.
"X-ray Spectra of Two Quasars at z>1"
K. Nandra, A.C. Fabian, W.N. Brandt, H. Kunieda, M. Matsuoka, T. Mihara, Y. Ogasaka, and Y. Terashima, 1995, MNRAS 276, 1.
"ASCA Observations of the Seyfert 1 Galaxies MRK 1040 and MS 0225.5+3121"
C.S. Reynolds, A.C. Fabian, and H. Inoue, 1995, MNRAS 276, 1311.
"RE 1034+39: a High-State Seyfert Galaxy?"
K.A. Pounds, C. Done, and J.P. Osborne, 1995, MNRAS 277, L5.
"On Broad Iron K-alpha Lines in Seyfert 1 Galaxies"
A.C. Fabian, K. Nandra, C.S. Reynolds, W.N. Brandt, C. Otani, Y. Tanaka, H. Inoue, and K. Iwasawa, 1995, MNRAS 277, L11.
"ASCA Observation of the Supernova Remnant W49B"
R. Fujimoto, Y. Tanaka, H. Inoue, M. Ishida, M. Itoh, K. Mitsuda, T. Sonobe, H. Tsunemi, H. Murakami, K. Koyama, I. Hayashi, K. Iked, A. Rasmussen, G. Ricker, and C.M. Becker, 1995, PASJ 47, L31.
"The Hard X-ray Emission of NGC 3628 and the Contribution of Low-Luminosity Spiral Galaxies to the Cosmic X-ray Background"
T. Yaqoob, P.J. Serlemitsos, A. Ptyak, R. Mushotzky, H. Kunieda, and Y. Terashima, 1995, ApJ 455, 508.
"ASCA PV Observations of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy MCG-6-30-15: Rapid Variability of the Warm Absorber"
C.S. Reynolds, A.C. Fabian, K. Nandra, H. Inoue, H.Kunieda, and K. Iwasawa, 1995, MNRAS 277, 901.
"Evidence for Shock Acceleration of High-Energy electrons in the Supernova Remnant SN1006"
K. Koyama, R. Petre, E.V. Gotthelf, U. Hwang, M. Matsuura, M. Ozaki, and S.S. Holt, 1995, Nature 378, L255.
"Is the X-ray Spectrum of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 5252 Intrinsically Flat?"
M. Cappi, T. Mihara, M. Matsuoka, W. Brinkmann, M.A. Prieto, and G.G.C. Palumbo, 1996, ApJ 456, 144.
"Corona(e) of AR Lacertae. I. The Temperature and Abundance Distribution"
K.P. Singh, N.E. White, and S.A. Drake, 1996, ApJ 456, 766.
"Discovery of a Type 2 Quasar at z = 0.9"
K. Ohta, T. Yamada, K. Nakanishi, Y. Ogasaka, T. Kii, K. Hayashida, 1996, ApJ 458, L57.
"Synchrotron Models for X-Rays from the Supernova Remnant SN 1006"
S.P. Reynolds, 1996, ApJ 459, L13.
"Warm Absorber, Reflection, and Fe K Line in the X-ray Spectrum of IC 4329A"
M.Cappi, T. Mihara, M. Matsuoka, K. Hayashida, K.A. Weaver, and C. Otani, 1996, ApJ 458, 149.
"X-ray Reprocessing by a Molecular Torus in the Seyfert 1.9 Galaxy NGC 2992"
K.A. Weaver, J. Nousek, T. Yaqoob, R.F. Mushotzky, F. Makino, and C. Otani, 1996, ApJ 458, 160.
"Discovery of a hierarchical distribution of dark matter in the Fornax cluster of galaxies"
Y. Ikebe, H. Ezawa, Y. Fukazawa, M. Hirayama, Y. Ishisaki, K. Kikuchi, H. Kubo, K. Makishima, K. Matsushita, T. Ohashi, T. Takahashi, and T. Tamura, 1996, Nature 379, 427.
"Synchrotron Models for X-rays from the Supernova Remnant SN 1006"
S. P. Reynolds, 1996, ApJ 459, L13.
"A combined X-ray and gravitational lensing study of the massive cooling-flow cluster PKS 0745-191"
S.W. Allen, A.C. Fabian and J.P. Kneib, 1996, MNRAS 279, 615.
"The broad iron K emission line in the Seyfert 2 galaxy IRAS 18325-5926"
K. Iwasawa, A.C. Fabian, R.F. Mushotzky, W.N. Brandt, H. Awaki and H. Kunieda, 1996, MNRAS 279, 837.

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