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ASCA Guest Observer Facility

ASCA Users Group

The ASCA User's Group, has as its prime directive to "evaluate and monitor the performance of the ASCA Guest Observer Facility."

Other terms of reference and organization are as follows:

* Solicit input on the operation of the ASCA GOF from the astronomical community.
* Recommend guidelines for community access to the ASCA GOF.
* Provide help and information to the ASCA GOF on a wide range of disciplines relevant to its activities.
* Encourage interaction and coordination with other SARCs, both within and outside NASA.
* Review an annual report on the ASCA GOF activities and progress.

The ASCA User's Group meets regularly and reports to the ASCA Program Scientist at NASA HQ, Alan Bunner, and to the ASCA project scientist, N.E. White. While the committee has been chosen to represent a range of users, institutions, and viewpoints, it cannot be complete. The ASCA User's Group requests that ASCA GOF users in the community contact the members with comments, compliments, suggestions, and criticisms.

Current members of the ASCA User's Group are:

* Alex Brown, Chairperson,
* Dave Burrows,
* Jules Halpern,
* Mark Henricksen,
* Jack Hughes,
* Christine Jones,
* Greg Madejski,
* Christopher Mauche,
* Paul Plucinsky,
* Craig Sarazin,
* Kim Weaver,

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