The HEASARC Video Archive

The HEASARC digital video archive contains digitized animations and clips from high energy astrophysics missions. Most of the videos are full color and many include audio tracks.

These files are Indeo compressed to obtain the highest quality for the smallest file size. The AVI format files can be played on PCs using the Media Player included with Windows. The QuickTime files can be played both on PCs, using QuickTime for Windows, and on Macintosh computers which have QuickTime for Macintosh installed.

Links to some MPEG movies are included.

Mission Videos

  • ASCA
    • assembly, launch, solar panel deployment, orbit
    • images of supernova in M81
  • BeppoSAX
    • Italian movie about the mission
  • Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
    • gamma-ray astronomy background (short subjects)
    • interview with Neil Gehrels
    • gamma-ray bursts from BATSE instrument
    • deployment of CGRO (video from shuttle)
  • Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
    • prelaunch, launch, orbit and intrument animations
    • Groovie Movie, All-sky monitor movies, artist conceptions of black hole and pulsar results
  • Vela
    • Her X-1 animations from Vela data
    • Sky sweeps of Vela 5B FOV (1969-1976)

Other videos

  • Educational Videos
    • Kepler's Laws
  • Historical Videos
    • John F. Kennedy speeches
    • Apollo 11 videos
  • General Videos
    • animations of x-ray binary, M87 black hole, bursting pulsar
    • Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars

    Software and Drivers

  • Software and Drivers for Windows
  • Software and Drivers for Macintosh

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