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RXTE Videos

Launch & Orbit Animations

  • RXTE Prelaunch Activities
  • Launch of the RXTE satellite.
  • Launch of the RXTE satellite, Second View.
  • Jettison of Delta rocket boosters.
  • Animation: The RXTE satellite in orbit.
  • Animation: Deployment after launch of RXTE solar array panels.
  • Animation: View of the RXTE satellite fully deployed.
  • Animation: The All-Sky Monitor (ASM) Instrument.
  • Animation: The Proportional Counter Array (PCA) Instrument.
  • Animation: The High Energy X-ray Timing Experiment (HEXTE) Instrument.
  • Animation: RXTE repositions to observe a new target.
  • RXTE science videos

    • Groovie Movie, All-sky monitor movies, artist conceptions of black hole and pulsar results

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