The nuSpaceSim cosmic neutrino simulation software package that is designed as an end-to-end, neutrino flux to space-based signal detection, modeling tool for the design of sub-orbital and space-based neutrino detection experiments. nuSpaceSim is a comprehensive suite of physics modeling packages designed to accept an experimental design input and then model the experiment's sensitivity to both the diffuse, cosmogenic neutrino flux as well as astrophysical neutrino transient events, such as that postulated from binary neutron star (BNS) mergers. nuSpaceSim uses state-of-the art, vectorized and multi-threaded Python-based computer code to precisiely simulate neutrino interactions in the Earth using the new, nuPyProp tau neutrino and tau-lepton simulation package, then model the generation of extensive air shower (EAS) optical and radio emission signals from Earth-emergence tau-lepton decays. nuSpaceSim then models the EAS signal propagation through the atmosphere and subsequent detection by sub-orbital and space-based instruments. nuSpaceSim is the first neutrino simulation package that combines the neutrino-induced optical and radio signal modeling in a single package to facilitate the experimental design, observation strategy, and interpretation of data for space-based neutrino experiments. The initial public release of nuSpaceSim will be in 2021 to the neutrino research community. The nuSpaceSim collaboration includes astroparticle physicists and graduate students from NASA/GSFC, JPL, University of Iowa, University of Utah, Colorado School of Mines, University of Chicago, Pennsylvania State University, Lehman College, CUNY, and the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Software Products

* nuSpaceSim : Simulate upward-going extensive air showers. * nuPyProp : Generate nu-tau propagation tables (optional) * Atmospheric Data Model Generator: Web application (Beta)

Data Libraries

Documentation and Academic Papers

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* Links to software documentation

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