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BRCALDB (Jan)                      95                      BRCALDB (Jan)

    BRCALDB -- Browse the Caldb data holdings
    brcaldb milist
    This task is an interactive interface to the  Calibration  Database.
    It  allows  the user to repetatively filter a list of datasets based
    on  their  calibration  characteristics  and   also   provides   the 
    capablility   of   copying   datasets   from   the   database  to  a 
    user-specified directory.
    Before using this task, the 'CALDB'  and  'CALDBCONFIG'  environment
    variables  (logicals)  must  be set.  See the Caldb User's Guide for
    After executing the task, the user is shown a list of  missions  and
    instruments.   The  list displays those missions and instruments for
    which the Database contains data holdings.  Immediately  after  this
    list  is displayed the user is prompted to select those missions and
    instruments which he or she wishes to browse.  The response to  this
    prompt  can  contain  multiple  missions  and  instruments, but each
    mission/instrument  set  should  be  separated  by  a  comma.    For 
    example,  if  the  user  wished  to  browse  ASCA's GIS2 calibration
    datasets and ROSAT's HRI  calibration  datasets,  he  or  she  would
                            asca gis2, rosat hri
    After  the  appropriate  mission and instrument data are loaded into
    memory, the user is free to enter any valid  brcaldb  command.   The
    commands  are  described  in  the  command-line  help.   From within
    brcaldb, type "help" for more information.
    (banner = yes) [boolean]
        Toggles  the  display  of  available  missions  and  instruments 
    milist [string]
        List  of  missions  and  instruments  to load.  Format should be
              mission1 inst inst ..., mission2 inst inst ..., ...
    (reprompt = yes) [boolean]
        If reprompt is false  and  an  error  is  found  in  the  milist
        parameter,  the  user  will  not  be  reprompted  for the milist
        parameter.  If true, the user  will  be  asked  to  reenter  the
        milist string.
    (wrap = yes) [boolean]
        If  true, brcaldb will format the display to fit on an 80 column
        wide screen.  Otherwise, each entry  displayed  will  appear  on
        one line.
    1.   Run  brcaldb  as if it were being executed from a script.  Load
    ASCA GIS2 entries, and execute the commands  given  in  the  cmd.xco
    example% brcaldb banner=no milist="asca gis2" reprompt=no 

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