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Getting Help

Quick help: If you are uncertain about command syntax, typing a command followed by a ``?'' will print a one-line summary. The help command:

XSPEC12> help

without arguments will bring up the full XSPEC manual in a PDF document reader (e.g. AdobeTM Acrobat Reader), or will open a browser to the XSPEC manual home page either locally or on the HEASARC site. See ``Customizing XSPEC'' later in this chapter to see how to select between these options, and how to assign a PDF reader and web browser to XSPEC. Typing

XSPEC12> help <command>

will display the manual section corresponding to $<$command$>$. Help for individual model components can be displayed by

XSPEC12> help model <modelName>

If all else fails you can e-mail your questions to the XSPEC team at