kdblur2: convolve with the laor2 model shape

A convolution model to smooth a spectrum by relativistic effects from an accretion disk around a rotating black hole. The accretion disk has a broken-power law emissivity profile. Uses Ari Laor's calculation including GR effects (Laor 1991). Modified from laor2 model by Andy Fabian and Roderick Johnstone.

Note that due to the energy binning the convolution process can produce spurious structures around sharp features in the spectrum being convolved. We strongly recommend testing for this by using the energies command to change the binning.

par1 Index: power law dependence of emissivity (scales as $R^{-par1}$)
par2 inner radius (units of $GM/c^2$)
par3 outer radius (units of $GM/c^2$)
par4 inclination (degrees)
par5 radius at which emissivity power-law index changes
par6 Emissivity power-law index for radii >par6

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