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                             RELEASE NOTES FOR HEASOFT 6.19
                                        May 11, 2016
    The HEASoft 6.19 release is primarily driven by updates to the NuSTAR
    software and the first public release of analysis software for the Hitomi
    mission, but also includes updates to other packages which have been
    revised to mirror the current development versions in use at the HEASARC.
    As before, configuration-related changes thoughout the package means that
    users who already have HEASoft v6.x.x installed will need to completely
    replace their software installation; there is no clean way to simply
    overlay this new release or to update an existing installation.
    - CFITSIO: Version 3.39:
      - Added new routines suggested by Eric Mandel (CFA):
        1) ffhisto3 is similar to ffhisto2, except that it does not close
           the original file.
        2) fits_open_extlist is similar to fits_open_data except that it
           opens the FITS file and then moves to the first extension in
           the user-input list of 'good' extensions.
      - In ffpsvc and ffprec, it is necessary to treat CONTINUE, COMMENT,
        HISTORY, and blank name keywords as a special case which must be
        treated differently from other keywords because they have no value
        field and, by definition, have keyword names that are strictly
        limited in length.
      - Added the Fortran wrapper routines for the 2 new string keyword
        reading routines (FTGSKY and FTGKSL), and documented all the
        routines in the FITSIO and CFITSIO users guides.
      - In ffinttyp, added explicit initialization of the input 'negative' 
        argument to 0.
      - Added new routine to return the length of the keyword value string:
            fits_get_key_strlen / ffgksl
        This is primarily intended for use with string keywords that use
        the CONTINUE convention to continue the value over multiple header
        records, but this routine can be used to get the length of the
        value string for any type keyword.
      - Added new routine to read string-valued keywords:
             fits_read_string_key / ffgsky
        This routine supports normal string keywords as well as long string
        keywords that use the CONTINUE convention. In many cases this routine
        may be more convenient to use then the older fits_read_key_longstr
      - Changed the prototype of fits_register_driver in fitsio2.h so that
        the pointer definition argument does not have the same name as the
        pointer itself (to work around a bug in the pgcc compiler).
      - Added the missing FTDTDM fortran wrapper definition to f77_wrap3.c.
      - Modified Makefile.in and configure.in to add LDFLAGS_BIN for task
        linker flags, which will be the same as LDFLAGS except on newer
        Mac OS X where an rpath flag is added.
      - Modified Makefile.in to add a new "make utils" command which will
        build fpack, funpack, cookbook, fitscopy, imcopy, smem, speed, and
        testprog.  These programs will be installed into $prfix/bin.
      - Fixed a bug when attempting to modify the values in a variable-
        length bit ("X") column in a binary table.
      - Reinstated the ability to write HIERARCH keywords that contain
        characters that would not be allowed in a normal 8-character
        keyword name, which had been disabled in the previous release.
    - fverify:
      Fixed one-line summary in batch (file list) mode.  fverify was
      erroneously reporting one-line summary success for files which
      actually should have failed.
    - extractor:
      Read in the DETNAM keyword from the input event files and include
      in the keywords written out.
      Added copying of keywords from the EVENTS extension in the input
      file into the SPECTRUM extension of the output file.  Remove
      duplicate TELESCOP etc keywords.
      Fixed bug when writing an event file from multiple input event
      files using the "slow" method when there are vector columns.
    - ftverify:
      Fixed one-line summary in batch (file list) mode.  ftverify was
      erroneously reporting one-line summary success for files which
      actually should have failed.
    - Fixed memory fault that occurred when remapping images with a wide
      pixel FOV (on the order of 864x864 pixels) and a dense photon
      distribution (i.e. something such as a 1536x1536 image with a rebin
      scale of 16).
    - ximage.mdb: Added instrument definition for Hitomi.
    - Improved diagnostic output and changed to handle tabs in
      xselect.mdb.  Modified so that select chip will work for any
      mission and instrument which has ccol set in the xselect.mdb.
      Only in the case of Chandra and XMM will it check for the
      chip(s) selected to be within the valid range.  Added HITOMI
      entries to xselect.mdb.
    HEASoft 6.19 includes Xspec v12.9.0n (patch level "n"):
    Version 2.31 - updates since v221bn26 (HEASOFT 6.18) include:
    An error affecting the use of the optical depths and escape
    probabilities in the continuum escape from  2-sided models was fixed.
    An error in the atomic data (statistical weights) for the upper
    levels of  N VI n=1-2 lines was fixed.
    Change to pprint to make line labels for inward and outward
    emission consistent.
    Updates to version 2.3 which fix the compton heating error found
    in 10/2015.
    - Updates for NuSTARDAS 1.6.0:
      Please note that this version requires NuSTAR CALDB dated 2016
      05/02 or newer and will not work with older versions of the CALDB.
      Major changes introduced in this version:
      nusplitsc (NEW TASK):
      When the primary star tracker (also known as a camera head unit, or
      CHU) is blinded by the Earth limb or glint from the Sun the data is
      recorded in 'Mode 06' by the pipeline. In this mode the pipeline
      uses the spacecraft start rackers (CHUs 1, 2, and 3) to determine
      the sky position of each count. This sky position can be subtly
      different when different combinations of star trackers are guiding
      the observatory pointing, resulting in blurring of the output image.
      nusplitsc allows the user to generate separate independent output
      files for each CHU combination, each of which should have reduced
      blurring and higher fidelity. We note that the absolute position of
      these images may still be different than the Mode 01 data set and do
      not recommend using RA/DEC coordinates when extracting produces in
      these modes without first inspecting the images.
      See the Observatory Guide as well as Walton et al. (2016) and
      Grefenstette et al. (2016) for more details.
    - nucalcsaa: The SOC has optimized new algorithms to automatically
      generate GTIs that exclude regions of the orbit that produce
      enhanced background counts in the detector.  See the Observatory
      Guide for a full description of these new modes and their effects.
    - nupipeline: New options to accomodate the nusplitsc and nucalcsaa
      tasks. Added optional call to the new 'nusplitsc' module (parameter
      'runsplitsc', set to 'no' by default) and modified the call to
      'nucalcsaa' from nupipeline.
    - nuflagbad: Minor bug fix to exclude hot pixels in the output
      badpixel file (nu*_bp.fits) in case of reprocessed files;
    - nuscreen: Addition of a new keyword (OBSMODE) storing the NuSTAR
      observing mode to the output cleaned event files;
    - nufilter: Addition of the keywords MJDREFI and MJDREFF in the
      output filter (nu*.mkf) file;
    - nucoord: Value update of the RA_NOM and DEC_NOM keywords in the
      +0 and +6 extension of unfiltered event files.
    - uvotcentroid: Allow sexigesimal position in region file. Correct
      typo in variable name (was mixing ccord (wrong) and coord.
    - uvotproduct: Modified to use swifttime when converting between MET
      and UTC and updated labels to reflect that.
    - uvotscreen: Update GTI and WINDOW extensions to reflect screening.


    If FTOOLS has been useful in your research, please reference this site (http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/ftools) and use the ASCL reference for HEASoft [ascl:1408.004] or the ASCL reference for the original FTOOLs paper [ascl:9912.002]:

    Blackburn, J. K. 1995, in ASP Conf. Ser., Vol. 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV, ed. R. A. Shaw, H. E. Payne, and J. J. E. Hayes (San Francisco: ASP), 367.

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