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                            RELEASE NOTES FOR HEASOFT 6.3
                                    July 5, 2007
    The HEASoft 6.3 release is primarily driven by the release of the Suzaku
    (version 5) and Swift (version 2.7) software, but also includes updates
    to several libraries and packages which have been revised to mirror the
    current development versions in use at the HEASARC.
    As before, configuration-related changes thoughout the package means that
    users who already have HEASoft v6.x.x installed will need to completely
    replace their software installation; there is no clean way to simply
    overlay this new release or to update an existing installation.
    - Improved support for gfortran, g95, and the Intel compilers (icc/icpc/ifort).
    - Updated Readline library to version 5.2.
                          APE (Parameter Interface Library)
    - Version 2.0.1:
      In response to performance issues with scripts that use pquery2 to issue
      prompts, several optimizations were made to increase the general speed
      of access to parameter fields as well as the speed of opening parameter
      files and merging system and local parameter files.
    - coordinator: Shut down cleanly when unable to resolve teldeffile=CALDB
      (or any other parameters).
    - new atFunctions library (v2.9, 2007.04.16)
      o add atRigSet2(), atRigFree2(), atRigidity2()
      o add atInvGeodetic()
      o add atJ2000ToEcliptic(), atEclipticToJ2000()
      o add atPrecessRMJ2000()
      o update atSun() for faster calculation
      o update atPlanet() for faster calculation
      o update atAberration(), atInvAberration() for faster calculation
      o version update att v2.0, in tools/att/att.c
      The new set of routines are to calculate the cut-off rigidity.  These
      routines rely on a FITS version of Rigidity data, which also differs
      in content from the old ASCII rigidity.dat file.  Thus, the use of
      new routines should return somewhat different rigidity values; if you
      use the old routines, the results should not change compared with the
      earlier versions of atFunctions libraries.  We plan to use the new cut-
      off rigidity routines in the Suzaku FTOOLS for version 2 processing.
    New version 1.7:
    This version includes bug fixes for the following problems:
    - The FITS::copy function merely wrote the copied HDU to the file, but
      did not allow it to be accessed for further modifications within CCfits.
    - When reading compressed images, CCfits should use the ZBITPIX and
      ZNAXIS keywords rather than BITPIX and NAXIS.  (Fix is based on a 
      patch submitted by Patrik Jonsson.)
    - The BSCALE keyword was being ignored if the BZERO keyword didn't also
    - Cases of out-of-scope usage of std::string's c_str() pointers, could 
      potentially cause crash. (Fix submitted by Jeremy Sanders.) 
    New version 3.04 - 12 March 2007
       - modified putkey.c to support USHORT_IMG when calling fits_create_img
         to create a signed byte datatype image.
       - enhanced the column histrogramming function to propagate any TCn_k and
         TPn_k keywords in the table header to the corresponding CDi_j and PCi_j
         keywords in the image header.
       - The various table calculator routines (fits_select_rows, etc.) implicitly
         assumed that the input table has not been modified immediately prior to
         the call.   To cover cases where the table has been modified a call to
         ffrdef has been added to ffprs.
       - enhanced the random, randomn, and randomp functions in the lexical
         parser to take a vector column name argument to specify the length
         of the vector of random numbers that should be generated (provided by
         Craig Markwardt, GSFC)
       - enhanced the ffmcrd routine (to modify an existing header card) to
         support long string keywords so that any CONTINUE keywords associated
         with the previous keyword will be deleted.
       - modified the ffgtbp routine to recognize the TDIMn keyword for
         ASCII string columns in a binary table.  The first dimension is
         taken to be the size of a unit string.   (The TFORMn = 'rAw'
         syntax may also be used to specify the unit string size).
       - in fits_img_decompress, the fits_get_img_param function was called
         with an invalid dimension size, which caused a fatal error on at
         least 1 platform.
       - in ffopentest, set the status value before returning in case of error.
       - in the drvrnet.c file, the string terminators needed to be changed
         from "\n" to "\r\n" to support the strict interpretation of the
         http and ftp standard that is enforced by some newer web servers.
    Additional changes beyond 3.04:
       - Small changes to support WCS keywords in tables, and to support writing
         signed byte datatype images.
    - postscript driver: 
      Increased the size of the number allowed to be written as a rotation
      angle.  The previous format was unreasonably restrictive.
    - Updates from Allyn Tennant:
       2007-04-05 - Contour plots written with WE should now work.
       2007-02-02 - Upper limits now plot correctly on LOG scale.
       2007-01-08 - The sequence Fit/UN/Fit now works with splines.
       2007-01-08 - MO @file/UNcer 2 is now illegal (and never worked correctly).
       2006-08-31 - STat command works again.
       2006-08-30 - Fit now works if x coordinate is decreasing.
    - New task 'fgui', a graphical interface to running FTOOLS, which replaces
      the deprecated 'flaunch' task.
    - fdiff: Fixed to prevent seg fault with long filenames.
    - fhelp: On Mac OS X, use the system 'open' command to display help files.
    - fverify: Fixed spurious error message regarding TDISP keywords like F8.0,
      that specify 0 number of decimal places.
                                    FV / POW / FITSTCL
    - Give "404" message if text help file is not found.  Exit completely when
      clicking on "X".
    - Make sure the yes/no question has lower case value.
    - Allow "Run Ftool" to execute commands such as "fv" which do not have par
    - Allow browser set filename to stay between iconify and deiconify.
    - Fix run ftool log dump problem.
    - Update logic 64 bit integer extraction to use condition of data
      typeSTRING_DATA (5) also.
    - Fix large FLOAT number display instead of NULL when number is larger than
    - extractor:
      Another rework of the code that reads event filenames from an input
      indirect file. This is much simplified and eliminates any possibility of
      the file being opened in some routine when it has already been opened
      Fix for problem running on Intel Mac using g95. If an indirect file was in
      use for the input event files it was being opened multiple times and not
      closed. Eventually this generated an error in the fortran open statement.
      Moved the ADDFN routine from extractor.f to wstdky.f because it was only
      being called from WSTDKY.
    - nh: 
      Modified to use new LAB HI map by default, and to allow the user to choose
      (with the usemap input parameter) between either the new LAB HI map, the old
      Dickey & Lockman HI map, or both when calculating Nh. Also fixed a bug in
      nhmake.f, where, due to an uninitialized status variable, the first point
      examined in the map was skipped if compiled with most modern Linux/Macintosh
      compilers. Modified nh.f to write new output parameters, avnh, avwnh, alnh,
      and alwnh, corresponding to the average Nh, weighted average Nh for the
      default map, and average Nh, weighted average Nh for the alternate map
      respectively.  Also modified the Makefile to install the new and old HI
      maps into $LHEA_DATA.  Help files are updated to reflect these changes.
    - ftconvert: Read all data as TSTRING to avoid truncation problems.  Previously
      ftconvert was generating e.g. "7.62939453125e" from "7.62939E-06".
    - fthedit: Updated to support long string keyword values that contain
      embedded spaces.
    - ftverify: Fixed spurious error message regarding TDISP keywords like F8.0,
      that specify 0 number of decimal places.
    - Fixed King coefficient calculation to match that of A. Moretti in xrtmkarf.c.
    - Fixed bug with "unknown" command leading to Seg fault.
    - Fixed bug whereby non-square images were processed as square images.
    Change requested by Suzaku XIS team to allow multiple extensions in HK files.
    The read hk command now allows an extension to be given eg filename+3. This
    entire name plus extension is passed to maketime when doing a select hk.
    Increased string sizes to allow longer hk and mkf selection expressions.
                                       XSPEC 11
    XSPEC v11.3.2ag:
    - Increased array sizes to allow lots of models.
    - Fixed bug in setting dynamic array sizes which could cause a seg fault
    - Fixed bug on 64-bit Linux
    - Workaround for problems gfortran seems to be having initializing block data.
    - Removed BLOCK DATA to avoid possible problems with gfortran. Note that
      this block data should have been superfluous so this _should_ have no effect.
    - Moved inline function definition before data statements for --pedantic
      consistency with the fortran standard.
    - Replaced BLOCK DATA code to avoid issues with gfortran.
    - Replaced use of BLOCK DATA to avoid problems with gfortran.
    - Install command as part of xantcl target is unnecessary/redundant.
    - Added dynamic memory - this fixes a bug that caused xspec to seg fault if
      usinga response matrix with > 5000 energy bins. Also removed a bunch of
      unused variables.
                                       XSPEC 12
    HEASOFT 6.3 includes Xspec 12.3.1 updated to patched version 12.3.1x.  See
    for information about the individual patches.
                               MISSION-SPECIFIC SOFTWARE:
    - ghkdump:
      The previous version, when used with modal_check = no, did not initialize
      the list of modal parameters, leading to incorrect (and inconsistent)
      behaviors.  This happened because the routine "getint", which was called
      only if modal_check=yes, was used both to initialize these modal parameters
      and to print diagnostic messages when any of them changes during an
      observation.  The code has been changed such that the modal parameters
      are now initialized regardless of the modal_check parameter value.
      The intended difference in behavior is whether diagnostic messages are
      output, if a modal parameter changes during an observation.
      A dummy subroutine (ghkdummy) has also been added to make sure that the
      block data section (ghkblk) at the end of the file is initialized under
    - groview: Fix the column ordering of the FITS input table relative
      to the "fits_read_col" calls.
    - detect: Fixed compilation problem seen under gfortran 4.1.1.
    - hrirpsf: Fixed seg fault that was occuring when the output file already
      existed (with clobber=yes).
    - pcarmf: Removed extraneous tabs in continued format line which created
      runtime problems when compiled with gFortran.
    Suzaku software Version 5 - Changes since HEASoft v6.2:
    Global change 
       - All tasks support the CALDB query   
    Suzaku Generic tools
     aeaspect :
       - Copy NOM_PNT keyword from attitude file.
     aeattcor :
       - New tool.Correct Euler angles in attitude file for the "thermal wobbling".
     aemkehk :
       - Add 'COR2' column in output .ehk file (new rigidity CALDB needed).
       - Quit immediately when no orbit or attitude information is available.
       - New parameter: rigidity
     All general tasks 
       aeaspect, aeattcor, aebarycen, aecoordcalc, aemkehk, aetimecalc
     search the leap second file in the Heasoft data directory if leapfile=AUTO
    XIS Specific tools
    xiscoord :
      -  Fill blanks if coordinates conversion fails.
      -  Fill ACTY=511 when psum timing mode.
      -  New parameter: ignore_frames
      - Support psum timing event files
      - Bug fix in generating GTI, when a jump in the frame time is detected.
      - New parameter: ignore_frames
    xispi :
      - Support for data taken with the SCI 
      - Saw-tooth CTI correction for SCI (new format makepi needed).
      - Smooth PHA to PI conversion around Si-K edge  (new format makepi needed).
      - Mode-dependent gain & CTI correction (new format makepi needed).
      - Strict treatment for window option.
      - Fill PHANOCTI column.
      - Reject invalid HK values in hkfile
      - Bug fix of CTI correction for surrounding pixels, 2x2 mode, etc.
      - Support psum timing event files.
      - New parameters: ignore_frames, enable_trcor,
          enable_cticor, enable_scicti, enable_edge_smooth,
          hk_time_margin, hk_aetemp_min, hk_aetemp_max,  flag_rand_phas0
      - Removed parameters: trcor_flag_rand, cticor_flag_rand
      - Add new bits for SCI and window boundary.
      - Strict treatment for window option.
      - Bug fix in judging neighboring pixels of bad columns.
      - New parameters: ignore_frames, enable_scipixq
     xistime :
      - Support psum timing event files.
      - Time assignment has changed for window option.
      - Update columns in GTI, FRAMES, EXPOSURES, LOSTAREAS extensions.
      - New parameters: ignore_frames, gapsec
     xisucode :
      - Write SCI releated keywords with new format ucodelst CALDB.
      - Now written in C. Note this task does not have par file.
      - Always copy CODE_ID and other ucode keywords from primary
        to other extensions
     xisrmfgen :
      - Support SCI RMF generation, with new format rmfparam CALDB file.
      - Read EDITMODE, WINOPT, CI keywords from phafile.
      - New parameters: editmode, winopt, ci, enable_scirmf
     xisexpmapgen :
      - New tool. Calculate a detector mask image usable in xissimarfgen, and
        an exposure map in sky coordinates considering the attitude wobbling.
     xissim :
      - Fill STATUS column appropriately as 'xisputpixelquality' does.
      - Speed up in calculations, In particular when scatsw=1 (default 0)
     xissimarfgen :
      - Added parameters included also in 'xisexpmapgen',  e.g.
        enable_pixq, hotpixfiles, badcolumfile, calmaskfile,
        pixq_min, pixq_max, pixq_and, pixq_eql that deal with 
        SCI rows, hot and flickering pixels, bad columns, and 
        the area of the 55Fe calibration sources.
      - Speed up in calculations, In particular when scatsw=1 (default 0)
    HXD Specific tools
     hxdtime, hxdmkgainhist, hxdpi, hxdgrade :
      - Support new v2.x format
      - Add new DET_TYPE definition (hxdgrade)
     hxdwambstid :
      - New tool, to fix the time information and save as the burst id 
        information into a file.
     hxdmkbstspec :
      - New tool.Calculate spectra from the burst data
     hxdpi :
      - Update to read GSOGHT calibration file.
      - Bbug fixed, Illigal keyword in Bnk Access (reported by R.Fink)
     hxdbsttime, hxdmkbstlc :
      - Read bstidt file (hxdbsttime)
      - Support new V2.0 format
     hxdmkwamspec, hxdmkbstspec :
       - Bug fixed in writing CHECKSUM
       - Add DETUNIT keyword in products.
     hxddtcor :
       - Small bug fixed in reading list or save pseudo file
     hxdarfgen, hxdmkwamspec :
       - Small bug fix
       - Bug fixed, Illigal keyword in Bnk Access (reported by R.Fink)
     hxdwamtime :
       - Bug fixed in writing TIMEDEL when readoimode = create.
     hxdwampi :
       - Bug fixed win updating TUNIT3
    BAT Specific tools
    batphasimerr :
      - New Tool. This task estimates the statistical uncertainties for simulated
        spectra, which XSPEC is not capable of doing properly.
    batbinevt :
      - New 'timepixr' parameter which controls the alignment of the TIME value
        in each time bin.
      - Handle survey DPHs with more than one GTI per row.
    batcelldetect :
      -  BUG FIX: Default point spread function shape is now GAUSSIAN instead of
         PYRAMID (see BAT CALDB report on the point spread function for more
      -  New CENT_RATE/CENT_COUNTS output catalog column reports the image
         intensity at the central pixel position.
      -  Convergence criteria for the PSF fit are configurable (with the psf_chitol
         and psf_partol parameters)
      -  BUG FIX: Handles images with Poisson statistics more properly (not BAT
      -  Error messages involving column names have been made correct
      -  The OVERSMP{X,Y} keywords are now written as floating point numbers
    batdetmask :
      - INTERFACE CHANGE: the "output" parameters caldbfile and detmaskused
        have been changed to outcaldbmask and outdetmask, respectively.
      - BUG FIX: Select the enable/disable map based on time rather than
        just the first one.
      - Now call the CALDB query program quzcif with explicit named parameters
    batdrmgen :
      - Internal changes to defend against CFITSIO misbehavior
    baterebin :
      - Code clean up
    batgrbproduct :
     - Change parameter query method (pquery2 -> pget)
     -  Fix non-fatal bug
    battblocks :
     - Add more error checking
    Additional changes :  
    a) The following tasks were modified internally to defend against an
       obscure misbehavior of the CFITSIO library.
       * batbinevt
       * batcelldetect
       * batclean
       * batdrmgen
       * bateconvert
       * baterebin
       * batfftimage
       * bathotpix
       * batmaskwtevt
       * batmaskwtimg
       * batoccultmap
       * batwarpimg
    b) The following tasks were modified to call component tasks with
       explicit parameter names:
       * batglobalgti
       * batgrbproduct
       * batoccultgti
       * batphasyserr
    c) The tasks batevt2dpi, batgse2dpi, batgse2dph, and batmasktagpha are
       considered obsolete, and/or not for end users.
    Known Issues see at : 
    UVOT specific tools
    Warning: bug in uvotsource method=CURVEOFGROWTH
    The Swift/UVOT tool uvotsource, which derives instrumental source magnitudes
    from an image, contains a bug when calculating the coincidence loss factor
    using the new option "method=CURVEOFGROWTH".  Users should only use the
    method=APERTURE call to the tool until this bug is fixed.
    No aperture correction is applied when using "method=APERTURE".  Consequently,
    the calculated magnitudes and flux densities will only be correct if the
    source region input file has the same radius as the standard photometric
    aperture defined in the parameter "zerofile" (5 arcsec for the current CALDB).
    Otherwise, the user must perform an aperture correction through examination
    of other stars in the image.
    An updated uvotsource will be released with the next Swift software update in
    the near future.
    uvotapercorr :
      - New Tool. Aperture correction for Swift-UVOT source count rates.
    uvotcentroid :
      - New Tool. Locate the centroid of a source on a UVOT image.
    uvotcoincidence :
      - New Tool.  Perform Coincidence loss correction.
    uvotdetect :
      - Update to handling of exposure map (from Scott Koch).
      - Determine magnitude and fluxes of detected sources.
    uvotevtlc :
      - Updated to handle arbitrary source and background regions.
    uvotexpmap :
      - Added support for generating exposure map masks.
      - Constrain radius of mask to reflect truncated corners of raw images.
    uvotflatfield :
      - Maintain FLATCORR keyword.
    uvotflux :
      - New Tool. Convert rates to magnitudes and fluxes.
    uvotmag :
      - [OBSOLETE - use uvotcoincidence/uvotflux instead]
    uvotimage :
      - Mod 8 correction and flatfielding available.
      - Made sky transform for event data consistent with uvotexpmap.
      - Prefer DETNAM to WHEELPOS for CALDB queries.
      - Write alternate WCS D(etector) keywords to EVENT mode sky images.
    uvotimsum :
      - Bug fix: corrected EXPOSURE when images are filtered.
      - Implemented support for applying masks during summation.
    uvotmaghist :
      - Reimplemented to use uvotsource on each image.
    uvotmodmap :
      - Maintain MOD8CORR keyword.
    uvotproduct :
      - Updated column names to match uvotsource changes.
    uvotshiftpha :
      - New tool. Shift UVOT PHA in time assuming power-law decay.
    uvotsource :  *** SEE WARNING ABOUT USAGE ABOVE ***
      - Rewrote source photometry calculations including 
        coincidence loss correction based on standard aperture.
      - New method=CURVEOFGROWTH aperture correction available.
      - Output results as row in FITS table.
    uvotskycorr :
      -Support multiple catalogs.
    XRT specific tools
     xrtpccorr :
        - New task. Task for the on-ground bias adjustment for PC mode. First, the
          CCD is divided into regions (subimages). Next, bad pixels are
          excluded and a time dependent average of the corner pixels values
          is computed to estimate residual bias. Finally, the bias adjustment
          is applied to all event's PHAS subtracting the computed time
          dependent average.
     xrtpcbias :
        - New task. Script to correct the bias subtracted on-board for PC mode.
          First, the script run xrtflagpix and xrtpcgrade with raised values
          of 'phas1thr' and 'split' parameters (both with default set to 120).
          Next, run xrthotpix. Finally, compute and apply bias adjustment
          (xrtpccorr task).
          [Added check on XPHASCO keyword to verify if PHAS is already corrected.]
     xrthotpix :
        - Upgrade of the algorithm to improve bad pixels identification
        - New input parameter 'gradeiterate' to perform a further iteration
          using a map with only events having GRADE<=12
        - Changed default values of 'phamax' (from 1000 to 4095) and 'iterate'
          (from "no" to "yes") input parameters.
     xrttdrss2 :
        - Set 'iterate'="yes", 'phamax'=4095 and 'gradeiterate'="no" in
          xrthotpix task call.
     xrtinstrmap :
        - Add 'TSTART' 'TSTOP' 'DATE-OBS' 'DATE-END' 'PA_PNT' keywords in primary
          header of the output file
        - Bug fixed in TSTART and TSTOP check of Housekeeping header file.
        - New input parameter 'checkattitude' (default set to "no").
     xrtexpocorr :
        - Apply the vignetting correction to a raw coordinates instrument map.
     xrtexpomap :
        - Vignetting correction applied to the instrument map in raw coordinates.
        - New input parameter 'checkattitude' for xrtinstrmap call (default set
          to "no").
      xrtmkarf :
         - Bug fixed when read exposure maps for WT mode.
      xrtwtcorr :
         - New input parameters 'npixels' and 'biasth'.
      xrtcalcpi :
         - Handle ACS flags configurations with 'settled' flag up before the
           'In10ArcMin' flag.
      xrtevtrec :
         - Handle ACS flags configurations with 'settled' flag up before the
           'In10ArcMin' flag.
      xrtflagpix :
         - Handle ACS flags configurations with 'settled' flag up before the
           'In10ArcMin' flag.
      xrtpcgrade :
         - Handle ACS flags configurations with 'settled' flag up before the
           'In10ArcMin' flag.
      xrttimetag :
         - Handle ACS flags configurations with 'settled' flag up before the
           'In10ArcMin' flag
         - If 'WMCOLNUM' or 'WM1STCOL' in housekeeping trailer file have values
           out of range use default values.
      xrthkproc :
         - Handle ACS flags configurations with 'settled' flag up before the
           'In10ArcMin' flag.
      xrtscreen :
         - Changed observation mode range expression to handle ACS flags
           configuration with 'settled' flag up before the 'In10ArcMin' flag
         - New input parameter 'acsscreen' to screen events with  ACS flags in
           non standard pointing configuration SETTLED=1 TEN_ARCMIN=0 SAFEHOLD=0
         - Copy new extension 'BIASDIFF' created by xrtpccorr task from the
           input event file to the output  L2 event file.
     xrtpipeline :
         - New input parameters 'wtbiath' 'wtnpixels' for xrtwtcorr call
         - New input parameter 'acsscreen' for xrtscreen call
         - New input parameter 'gradeiterate' for xrthotpix call
         - Changed default value of 'phamax' (from 1000 to 4095) and 'iterate'
           (from 'no' to 'yes') parameters for xrthotpix call
         - Correct bias for Photon Counting Mode files (xrtpcbias task call)
         - New input parameter 'pcbiascorr' to execute/not execute the bias
           correction for Photon Counting Mode files (default set to "yes")
         - New input parameters 'pcbiassubimage', 'pcbiassubimgsize',
           'pcbiasnevents', 'pcbiaslessevents', 'pcbiasmethod', 'pcbiasbadpix',
           'pcbiasgrademin', 'pcbiasgrademax', 'pcbiasevtthr', and
           'pcbiassplitthr' for xrtpcbias task call.
         - New input parameter 'checkattitude' for xrtexpomap call (default set
           to "no").

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