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                             RELEASE NOTES FOR HEASOFT 6.7
                                    August 19, 2009
    The HEASoft 6.7 release is primarily driven by the release of the Swift
    software version 3.4, but also includes updates to several packages
    which have been revised to mirror the current development versions in
    use at the HEASARC.
    As before, configuration-related changes thoughout the package means that
    users who already have HEASoft v6.x.x installed will need to completely
    replace their software installation; there is no clean way to simply
    overlay this new release or to update an existing installation.
    This is Ape version 2.5.2, released 2009-07-09.
    Summary of changes since last public release:
    2008-07-17 Ape 2.4
      Changes Made:
        * Ape was tolerant of empty paths in the PFILES variable, which may
          now contain system and/or local portions of the path that
          include leading colons, trailing colons, or consecutive colons.
    2009-06-23 Ape 2.5
      Changes Made:
        * If the system parameter file has a more recent time stamp than
          the local parameter file, Ape will now take the current value of
          hidden parameters (only) from the system parameter file, not from
          the local parameter file. Note that queried and automatic
          parameters are not affected by this change.
    2009-06-24 Ape 2.5.1
      Changes Made:
        * Fixes to the installation process to build position-independent
          code and to create all needed directories.
    2009-07-09 Ape 2.5.2
      Changes Made:
        * A bug was fixed that prevented Ape from handling files with
          lines that are too long. Now Ape detects such lines (longer
          than 8192 characters) and gives proper error messages
          describing the problem.
        * Small clean up of redundant flags for optimization and symbols.
        * Corrected typographical error in file include/ape/ape_par.h.
    atFunctions v3.1:
    - add atSetElement3(),atPathNum3(),atPathNumUSC3(),atSatPos3(),atElementTime3()
    - value CANNOTSEE changed from 120deg to 200 deg in atEarthElev()
    - stricter xacc condition in find_min(), adding fabs(y3-y0) in atEarthElev()
    GSFC internal update:
       - Modified the HTTP file access code in drvrnet.c to support basic
         HTTP authentication, where the user supplies a user name and
         password.  The CFITSIO filename format in this case is:
         Thanks to Jochen Liske (ESO) for the suggestion and the code.
    Version 3.181 (BETA) - 12 May 2009
       - modified region.c and region.h to add support for additional
         types of region shapes that are supported by ds9: panda, epanda,
         and bpanda.
       - fixed compiler error when using the new _REENTRANT flag, having to 
         do with the an attempted static definition of Fitsio_Lock in 
         several source files, after declaring it to be non-static in fitsio2.h.
    Version 3.18 (BETA) - 10 April 2009
       - Made extensive changes to make CFITSIO thread safe.  Previously,
         all opened FITS files shared a common pool of memory to store
         the most recently read or written FITS records in the files.
         In a multi-threaded environment different threads could 
         simultaneously read or write to this common area causing
         unpredictable results. This was changed so that every opened
         FITS file has its own private memory area for buffering the
         file. Most of the changes were in buffers.c, fitsio.h, and
         fitsio2.h. Additional changes were made to cfileio.c, mainly
         to put locks around small sections of code when setting up the
         low-level drivers to read or write the FITS file.  Also, locks
         were needed around the GZIP compression and uncompression code
         in compress.c.,  the error message stack access routine in
         fitscore.c, the encode and decode routines in fits_hcompress.c
         and  fits_hdecompress.c, in ricecomp.c,  and  the table row
         selection and table calculator functions. Also, removed the
         'static' declaration of the local variables in pliocomp.c
         which did not appeared to be required and prevented the
         routines from being thread safe.
         As a consequence of having a separate memory buffer for every
         FITS file (by default, about 115 kB per file), CFITSIO may now
         allocate more memory than previously when an application
         program opens multiple FITS files at once.  The read and write
         speed may also be slightly faster, since the buffers are not
         shared between files.
       - Added new families of Fortran wrapper routines to read and
         write values to large tables that have more than 2**31 rows. 
         The arguments that define the first row and first element to
         read or write must be I*8 integers, not ordinary I*4
         integers.  The names of these new routines have 'LL' appended
         to them, so for example, ftgcvb becomes ftgcvbll.
       - Corrected an obscure bug in imcompress.c that would have incorrectly 
         written the null values only in the rare case of writing a signed 
         byte array that is then tile compressed using the Hcompress or PLIO
    Version 3.14 - 18 March 2009
       - modified the tiled-image compression and uncompression code to
         support compressing unsigned 16-bit integer images with PLIO.
         FITS unsigned integer arrays are offset by -32768, but the PLIO
         algorithm does not work with negative integer values.  In this
         case, an offset of 32768 is added to the array before compression,
         and then subtracted again when reading the compressed array.
         IMPORTANT NOTE:  This change is not backward compatible, so
         these PLIO compressed unsigned 16-bit integer images will not be
         read correctly by previous versions of CFITSIO; the pixel values
         will have an offset of +32768.
       - minor changes to the fpack utility to print out more complete
         version information with the -V option, and format the report
         produced by the -T option more compactly.
       - Modified imcomp_compress_image (which is called by fpack) so that
         it will preserve any null values (NaNs) if the input image has
         a floating point datatype (BITPIX = -32 or -64).  Null values in
         integer datatype images are handled correctly.
       - Modified imcomp_copy_comp2img so that it does not copy the
         ZBLANK keyword, if present, from the compressed image header
         when uncompressing the image.
       - Fixed typo in the Fortran wrapper macro for the ftexist function.
    Version 3.13 -  5 January 2009
       - updated the typedef of LONGLONG in fitsio.h and cfortran.h to
         support the Borland compiler which uses the  __int64 data type.
       - added new feature to the extended filename syntax so that when
         performing a filtering operation on specified HDU, if you add
         a '#' character after the name or number of the HDU, then ONLY
         that HDU (and the primary array if the HDU is a table) will be
         copied into the filtered version of the file in memory.  Otherwise,
         by default CFITSIO copies all the HDUs from the input file into
       - when specifying a section, if the specified number of dimensions
         is less than the number of dimensions in the image, then CFITSIO
         will use the entire dimension, as if a '*' had been specified.
         Thus [1:100] is equivalent to [1:100,*] when specifying a section
         of 2 dimensional image.
       - modified fits_copy_image_section to read/write the section 1 row
         at a time, instead of the whole section, to reduce memory usage.
       - added new stream:// drivers for reading/writing to stdin/stdout.
         This driver is somewhat fragile, but for simple FITS read and
         write operations this driver streams the FITS file on stdin
         or stdout without first copying the entire file in memory, as is
         done when specifying the file name as "-".
       - slight modification to ffcopy to make sure that the END keyword
         is correctly written before copying the data.  This is required
         by the new stream driver.
       - modified ffgcprll, so that when writing data to an HDU, it first
         checks that the END keyword has been written to the correct place.
         This is required by the new stream driver.
       - fixed bug in ffgcls2 when reading an ASCII string column in binary
         tables in cases where the width of the column is greater than 2880 
         characters and when reading more than 1 row at a time.  Similar 
         change was made to ffpcls to fix same problem with writing to 
         columns wider than 2880 characters.
       - updated the source files listed in makepc.bat so that it can be
         used to build CFITSIO with the Borland C++ compiler.
       - fixed overflow error in ffiblk that could cause writing to Large Files
         (greater than 2.1 GB) to fail with an error status.
       - fixed a bug in the spatial region code (region.c) with the annulus 
         region.   This bug only affected specialized applications which
         directly use the internal region structure; it does not affect
         any CFITSIO functions directly.
       - fixed memory corruption bug in region.c that was triggered if the
         region file contained a large number of excluded regions.
       - got rid of a harmless error message that would appear if filtering
         a FITS table with a GTI file that has zero rows. (eval_f.c)
       - modified fits_read_rgnfile so that it removes the error messages
         from the error stack if it is unable to open the region file as
         a FITS file. (region.c)
    - heautils library: HDgti_read: enforce that input GTI is a table extension.
      Allow wild card extension name "*" to match first extension.  Read MJDREF
      with HDget_frac_time() instead of fits_read_key().
    - heasp library: Added routine to check that COUNTS column is integer.
    - readline: Update to version 6.0.
    - wcslib: Update to version 4.3.3.
      The most relevant change is a bug fix to properly handle images with
      no WCS keywords.
    - refdata: Add JPLEPH.200 and JPLEPH.405 (formerly housed in ftools/xte/refdata)
      for use by Fermi software.  Install unnumbered "JPLEPH" link to JPLEPH.200,
      which restores earlier behavior.
    - udmget (Fortran dynamic memory allocation): Initialize udmget pointers in
      the following tasks/libraries:
      ASCA: ascaarf, ascaeffmap, cleansis, sisclean
      CALTOOLS: cmppha, cmprmf col2img, dmprmf, gcorpha, gcorrmf, genrsp,
       marfrmf, rbnrmf, rbnrpsf, rpsf2eef, rpsfqdp, rsp2rmf, st2rpsf
      EXOSAT: cmadead, exomerge
      FIMAGE: fadapt, fboxcar, fgauss, fimconcat, fimgdmp, florentz, fmedian,
      FUTILS: libftools, fcurve, findex, fplot
      GRO: libgro, bcmppha
      HEASARC: extrpsf, fadmap, flx2xsp, grppha, hkexpand, mathpha, mekal,
       raysmith, rbnpha, sf2pha
      ROSAT: libros, calcbgdcor, detect, hriaspcor, hriexpmap, hrifilt, hrirpsf,
       mkqsrc, pcarf, pcecor, pcexpmap, pcfilt, pcparpha, pcrpsf, pcsasscor,
       pctcor, src2pha
      TIME: deadtime, fltime, maketime
      VELA5B: fvelalc, fvelgallc, fvelmap
      XIMAGE: libximage
      XRONOS: libxron, autocor
      SPECTRAL: rgsrmfsmooth
      XTE: addshots, addsine, fakelc, hxtarf, pcaclrsp, perdgrm, xpcaarf, xtecol
      When these pointers are not zero, udmget tries to reallocate the block
      at that address.  Usually it fails silently and then goes on to allocate
      some fresh memory, but reports suggest that sometimes the random memory
      address may match the address of some already allocated memory, causing
      either incorrect answers or a seg fault.
    - libcaltools:
      - Changed handling of non-integer COUNTS column. Instead of throwing an
        error if the COUNTS column is real now check to see whether the numbers
        in the column are integer. If they are then proceed, if they are not
        then proceed while writing a warning that values will be truncated.
      - Removed automatic download of remote files accessed via ftp:// or
        http:// filenames.
    - cmppha: Increase maxcol (to 100) to handle more than 20 columns.  In
      cmp_ex_wt, when wtpha1 returns an error, set forl=1 so that the output
      file is closed.
    - quzcif: Version 1.3 - added "retrieve" parameter to allow user option of
      downloading remote files via ftp or http.
    - fimgstat: Fix silent failure for 1-dimensional FITS arrays.  Fixed
      maxvalue / minvalue selection, which was previously capable of generating
      erroneous results if the value of the first element of the entire pixel
      array (which maxvalue and minvalue were initialized to) happened to be
      outside the range specified by threshlo and threshup.
    - fmerge: Fixed bug when merging vector columns in which spurious extra
      (null-valued) rows were appended to the output.
    - fstruct: Update to support large files with billions of rows.
    - fverify: Updates for large file support (was printing incorrect # of rows).
      Fixed to report correct number of errors in prstat=no mode.  Update to
      conform to V3.0 of the FITS Standard.
    Version 5.3:
    - Fix problems displaying large FITS files and file summaries/headers. 
    - Fix problem opening FITS files in read-only mode. 
    - Fix scale error on colorbar. 
    - Fix axial label and scale issue for image constructed from image table cells. 
    - Fix plotting problem in pow scope area when displaying/flipping contour
      map on separate graph.
    - Fix grid displaying issue when flipping a plot. 
    - Fix Zoom -> Reset zoom crash of images constructed from an image table. 
    - Fix missing information when displaying movie from a 3-D image table. 
    - Add wcsfix routine to handle non-standard WCS keywords values in FITS header. 
    - swco.dat: newest version, valid through 2009Jul29 at 17:29:43.239 UTC
    - barycorr: v1.10 allows gzipped input files and updates sCC() arg list.
    - SwiftClock.pm: Robustify and add capability to return last applicable
      correction (and MET).
    - chkarf: Modified to reflect current mandatory and optional keywords.
    - extractor: Added support for panda/epanda/bpanda regions. Note that the
      FITS region output is not defined in the standard for these shapes so
      the w_regions.f may need to be changed if and when an extension to the
      standard is agreed.
    - flx2xsp: Improved error diagnostic messages.
    - ftcalc: Add new parameter 'element' for use in modifying one element of
      a vector column.
    - ftdiff: If tolerances in numerical comparisions are not zero, then ignore
      any differences in the DATASUM keyword value.
    - fthedit: If operation = deleteall, then all instances of the specified
      keyword will be deleted. The value, unit, comment, and insert parameters
      are ignored.
    - ftimgcalc: Handle case where CTYPE doesn't exist or is blank; handle case
      where input image has no WCS keywords at all.
    - ftlist: Updates for large file support.
    - ftstat: Add quickselect median routine and compute median for tables and
      images. Fix silent failure for 1-dimensional FITS arrays.
    - ftverify: Updates to conform to V3.0 of the FITS Standard.  Updates for
      large file support.
    - QDP/PLT:
      - Fix to handle limit problems while labeling RGS spectra.
      - Updates from QDP/PLT distribution:
        2008-12-16: Splines handle too many knots before asking user for all pars.
        2008-03-17: LAb # To now works correctly with log coordinates.
        2007-09-17: Increase MXLAB to 100.
    Version 4.5:
    - Update AST library to version 5.1-0.
    - Moved ASCA SIS psf data files out of the way. The SIS analytic function
      does a better job of approximating the PSF.
    - Added exposure map weighting to "psf" and "sosta" commands. The PSF
      function can optionally be weighted by the exposure map, correcting for
      things like bad columns. New '/expowgt' qualifier tells Ximage whether
      to do this weighting or not. Fixed incorrect calculation of Suzaku XIS
      PSF normalization factor (wrong array indices were being used).
    - Minor update required for new thread-safe CFITSIO - re-opening mem://
      files with a different mode no longer works. Improved support for Tiled
      image compression. Previously, Ximage was relying on the EXTNAME keyword
      to be 'COMPRESSED_IMAGE' to determine if a table was actually a
      compressed image. Now it checks the 'ZIMAGE' keyword, which is required
      for tile-compressed images.
    Version 5.22:
    - lcmath: Fixed bug in treating fractional exposure in "background" light
      curve.  Use double precision in net light curve calculations.
    - Changed the recently added parameter clean_iterate to iterate to avoid
      breaking the ascascreen script.
    - xselect.key: Added missing line for cleansis iterate_clean parameter.
    Xspec version 11 is no longer distributed.
    New features in version 12.5.1:
    - Gain parameters can now be used in the error, freeze, newpar, thaw, 
      and untie commands by prefixing the command name with the letter 'r' 
      (for "response parameter", the more general category to which gain 
      parameters belong).  Steppar can now also handle gain parameters.
      Gain parameters can be displayed either with "show parameter" or the
      new "show rparameter" option.
    - The gain command syntax has changed when using multiple sources.
      To better conform with the rest of XSPEC, it now requires 
      <source number>:<spectrum number> rather than the reverse.
    - Gain parameter limit values can be stored in response files, using
      the keywords GSLOP_MIN, GSLOP_MAX, GOFFS_MIN, and GOFFS_MAX.
    - All input and output data filenames can now include CFITSIO/FTOOLS
      extended-syntax for specifying particular HDUs.  As a result, XSPEC
      can  now handle files which contain spectra, ARFs and RMFs in multiple 
    - Partial derivative calculations during fitting can now be performed 
      numerically rather than with an approximated analytical expression.  
      This option is chosen in the Xspec.init initialization file.
    - If a new minimum is found during a steppar run, steppar now prompts 
      the user for acceptance of the new values.  Also the delta statistic 
      column of a steppar run is now obtainable with the tclout steppar
      delstat option.
    - The output warning message has been improved in the case where 
      Levenberg-Marquardt fitting runs into a zero diagonal element in the
      second derivative matrix.  Similarly, the more frequent pegged-
      parameter messages (due to running into hard limits) is now output at
      higher chatter levels only.
    - All calls to the xanlib dynamic memory allocation function udmget have
      been removed from the Fortran models in XSPEC's models library.  The 
      relevant code has been converted to C++.  If a user's local models 
      library still requires the udmget code, they'll need to run initpackage 
      with the new -udmget option.
    - Additional enhancements previously released as patches to 12.5.0:
      -- Stepplot wave x-axis units can be toggled from Hz to angstroms
         through  WAVE_PLOT_UNITS entry in Xspec.init file.
      -- New tclout gain and sigma options. 
      -- New xs_getVersion function available for those linking their own 
         programs to the XSPEC models library.
      -- The show parameters option can now take a range of parameters for 
         displaying subsets.
    - All bug fixes to v12.5.0 released as patches a - an are included in 
      v12.5.1. In addition the following problems have been corrected.
      -- After running the ARF command, any gain previously applied to the 
         associated RMF will be removed.  Previously it was erroneously 
         applying the gain to the new ARF.
      -- Additional header file inclusions needed in code files to compile 
         with g++-4.4.0
      -- Extra line-feed characters removed from Ascii text files in the 
         modelData directory.  These were causing problems on Solaris 10 
      -- The nthcomp model's internal arrays were hardcoded to a maximum 
         size of 5000 energy bins.  The size is now dynamically allocated.  
         (This also affects the diskir model.)
      -- A Levenberg-Marquardt fit now immediately stops if the fit 
         statistic becomes NaN due to an erroneous model calculation.
      -- C++-style comments have been removed from xsFortran.h for the 
         benefit of users compiling their own C programs with the models library.
      -- Plotting fix for case where "setplot area" is selected and no 
         models are currently loaded.
      -- Model parsing fix for case of nested parentheses with no '+' 
         operator, ie. A(B(C*D)).
    Version 2.1kn9:
    - Changes to include more accurate profile shape in xout_spect1.fits. This
      includes a new routine, binemis.f, which does this work.
    - Change to phint53 to reflect need to extend photoionization integral to
      high energy.
    ========================== MISSION-SPECIFIC SOFTWARE: ==========================
    - addascaspec: Changed default errmeth to POISS-0 and applied to the
      background spectra summation as well as the source spectra summation.
    - ascatape: Removed from the build as it a) shouldn't be needed anymore and
      b) doesn't build under the new Mac OS X 10.6 because the sys/mtio.hheader
      file (magnetic tape I/O) is not part of the distribution.
    - offsetcoord: Update to improve accuracy for arcsecond resolution data
      (e.g. Chandra).
    - hxdmkgainhist_gso: Updated to use Xspec v12 for fitting.  Required updating
      the Xspec output parsing.  Also fixed mislabeling of columns in output fits
      table from hxdmkgainhist.
    - batbinevt:
      * Error discovered in OGIP format specification for "Type II" spectra;
        the values of HDUCLAS3/HDUCLAS4 have been changed to agree with
        corrected OGIP specification (OGIP/92-007 version 2009-05-06).
    - batcelldetect
      * {RATE,COUNTS} and CENT_{RATE,COUNTS} columns now consistently reflect 
        background-subtracted value; before, it did not if one skipped the 
        PSF-fitting stage
      * New column CENT_SNR (=CENT_RATE/BKG_VAR), which is best estimate of 
        significance for most unblended sources
      * IMXPIX/IMYPIX and ERR_RAD now have correct units in output FITS catalog
      * Bug fix in rare case where source touches border of image, now sources 
        that straddle the border of an image are flagged
      * Bug fixes: some off-by-one pixel masking errors, which caused small errors 
        in partial coding and background noise, have been fixed; source positions 
        and fluxes are unchanged at 0.001 pix and 0.1% level
    - batdrmgen:
      * Minor internal changes
    - batdrmgen-multi
      * New task to automate calculation of multiple response matrices for
        one "Type II" spectral file
    - bateconvert
      * Major internal overhaul, coinciding with BAT gain recalibration effort
        of 2009
    - baterebin
      * Major internal overhaul, coinciding with BAT gain recalibration effort
        of 2009
    - batgrbproduct
      * New parameters 'tnear' and 'tbinmax', which allow more convenient crude
        time filtering of GRB
      * The process.log output log now contains more useful information and is
        more searchable
      * It is now possible to use batgrbproduct on faied triggers with only an
        'alert' message and no 'position' message.
    - batmasktaglc
      * Parameter scale=INDEF, which indicates to use a time-dependent scale
        factor based on time of BAT flight software fix
      * Bug fix for case where EBOUNDS extension was not being written
      * Internal clean-ups
    - batmaskwtevt
      * Task now writes TSTART/TSTOP keywords to output auxiliary raytrace file
    - batphasimerr
      * Task now copes with change of HDUCLAS3/4 keywords from batbinevt
    - batphasyserr
      * Task now copes with change of HDUCLAS3/4 keywords from batbinevt
    - batsurvey
      * New parameter 'filtnames' which allows explicit selection of filters
      * Fix in call to 'mgtime' task to enforce reading first extension of each
        input file, which enforces correct behavior when sepdph=YES
      * Bug fix: task no longer assumes upper energy edge is 195 keV
      * Add new parameter 'bsurseq' so the user can insert customized processing
        identifier into the output files
      * Add new parameter 'gtifile' which allows the user to enter their own
        time selection good time interval file
      * "prompt" parameters are now prompted in command-line order when these
        tasks are run interactively
    - battblocks
      * New parameters burst_tstart and burst_tstop to allow manual override
        of burst start and stop time
      * Bug fix for parsing of global_tstart and global_tstop parameters
    - batupdatephakw
      * Task now copes with change of HDUCLAS3/4 keywords from batbinevt
    - fextract-events
      * New task for rapid event file filtering
    - uvotapercorr, uvotsource, uvotmaghist, uvotproduct, and uvotevtlc
      * fwhmsig parameter value default set to -1
        negative fwhmsig indicates to use suggested value (currently 15%)
      * apercorr parameter value default set to CURVEOFGROWTH
    - uvotdetect
      * Corrected which SExtractor parameters are used for setting UVOT
        position errors:
        RA_ERR, DEC_ERR, UX_ERR, UY_ERR now taken from ERR{XY}2WIN_{WORLD,IMAGE}
    - uvotevtlc
      * Added basetime parameter which allows user control of TIME column
      * Added uvotsource calibration parameters (zerofile, coinfile, psffile,
        lssfile, fwhmsig)
    - uvotgraspcorr
      * Added outfile parameter for writing aspect corrections to a FITS file
        like uvotskycorr.  See sw<obsid>uac.hk file.  
      * Added WHEELPOS column to distinguish grism clockings.
    - uvotgrplot
      * New tool for plotting UVOT grism spectra (uvotimgrism output)
    - uvotimgrism
      * Implemented interpolation of grating equation coefficients as a
        function of detector position
    - uvotimsum
      * Fixed a problem handling frametimes (FRAMTIME keyword)
    - uvotinteg
      * Added FOV operation which given an exposure map will determine how
        much of the region is exposed
      * Added CLIP operation (and sigma parameter) which will determine the
        sigma clipped mean over the region
    - uvotmaghist
      * By default, ignore settling mode images (OBS_MODE = SETTLING)
    - uvotoptsum
      * New tool for optimally summing images based on a user specified
        temporal decay index
    - uvotproduct
      * Write regions to report file
      * Support both ds9 v4 and v5
      * Use first exposure longer than 50 seconds for finding chart plots
      * Added plotfilters parameter for generating multiple light curves
        with various filters
      * Show EXTNAME of each exposure in report
      * Changed default value of rebin to DEFAULT which indicates to use
        the default rebinning setup and made rebin=NONE skip rebinning
    - uvotsource
      * Added expfile parameter which tests whether the regions are fully in FOV
      * Added columns
      * Format of standard output reorganized:  Moved information common to
        multiple sections to the source section; show statistical and systematic
        errors for mag and flux densities; show statistical and systematic errors
        for mag and flux densities background limits; report base units at the top
        of the section; indicate wavelength / frequency associated with flux
        densities; added parameter extprec to adjust how many digits are reported
    - uvotgrblc
      * Fixed field source distance calculation, and field source/grb region 
        size calculation
      * Fix uvotsource parsing for recent changes to output
      * Added fixedaper parameter. If set to 'yes', new aperture parameter
        is used for the aperture radius.
      * Added aperture parameter. 3", 4" or 5" apertures can be forced with
        this param
      * Added trigfrombat parameter - used to indicate whether the 
        input trigger time is from the BAT or some other observatory.
        Only really affects plots, and header keyword comment for TRIGTIME
    - xrtproducts  
      * Replaced xspec11 task call with xspec call.
    - xrtgrblc
      * Added fldsrcdist parameter to let the user decide how close to the 
        input coordinates to allow field sources to be considered field sources. 
        Inside of this parameter, any source detected is considered to be the GRB.
      * Added cutlowbins(wt|pc) parameters to allow finer control over bin cutting
      * Added trigfrombat parameter - used to indicate whether the input trigger 
        time is from the BAT or some other observatory. Only really affects plots, 
        and header keyword comment for TRIGTIME
      * Bug Fixes:
         Fixed field source distance calculation, and region size calculation;
         Fixed bug when calculating ARFs for intervals with zero counts;
         Fixed minor indexing bug in binning stage.  
    - xrtgrblcspec
      * Added trigfrombat parameter. If set to 'yes', trigtime (or TRIGTIME
        keywords) are assumed to be from the BAT.  Otherwise, they are assumed
        to be from another observatory. Affects plotting.
      * Bug Fixes:
         Yet another fix for getting Xspec's 'sigma' errors when a parameter
         has pegged; Fixed Xspec output parsing bugs.
    - swifttime
      * Now extrapolates beyond end of clock calibration file 
    - faxbary: v2.4 fixes case sensitivity for barytime and clobber; allows
      gzipped input file.
    - pcabackest: v3.7 - Now exits gracefully when required saahist file is
      not provided.
    - pcarmf, xpcaarf, pcarsp:
      New version of the RXTE Proportional Counter Array (PCA) response
      generator PCARMF v11.7 developed via a new and improved technique
      to model calibration data. The new PCA response (along with the
      corresponding energy-to-channel conversion table e05v04) provides a
      significant improvement for calibration quality throughout the RXTE
      mission. The change is particularly strong for data taken after the
      year 2004 (the time of the last energy-to-channel update).  See the
      following web page for more details:
    - saextrct: v4.2f - Increased lcbinarray default (ichan) to 400000
    - seextrct: v4.2e - Increases lcbinarray (ichan) size to 400000
    - xtetape: Removed from the build as it a) shouldn't be needed anymore and
      b) doesn't build under the new Mac OS X 10.6 because the sys/mtio.hheader
      file (magnetic tape I/O) is not part of the distribution.
    - refdata: Move JPLEPH.200 and JPLEPH.405 to heacore/refdata so they may
      be accessed by the Fermi software distribution.
    - configure: Re-implement old '--disable-strip' option to allow building
      with optimization, but without stripping symbols from executables (the
      '--enable-symbols' option disables strip but also turns off optimization).
    - Add '--enable-openmp' configure option to enable the parallelizer to
      generate multi-threaded code based on the OpenMP* directives (Xspec only).

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