set mkfdir

This sets the directory in which Xselect will look for the MKF files.

There is one convenience that Xselect offers that may be confusing if you are not aware of it...When the data directory is set, if no MKF directory has been set, Xselect will look in the data directory for files matching the mkf default expression, and if it finds them, it will set the mkfdir to the data directory. If there are no MKF files in that directory, then Xselect will look in the directory datadir/../aux (this is the shipped value of the parameter mkf_reldir). If it finds mkf files in that directory, it will set mkfdir to that. Otherwise mkfdir will not be set.

However, this only happens if mkfdir has not previously been set. This search will not override a value set either with the SET MKFDIR command, or through a previous application of this search.

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