List of Files

This is a list of the temporary files that Xselect produces as it runs.

  • xsel_hist.xsl – temporary file for spectral data
  • xsel_qdp_curve.xsl – temporary file for the QDP light curve data
  • xsel_fits_curve.xsl – temporary file for the FITS light curve
  • xsel_image.xsl – temporary file for the image
  • xsel_region.xsl – input region file for EXTRACT
  • xsel_fits_in.xsl – list of input FITS GTI files for EXTRACT
  • xsel_mkf_out.xsl – fits timing file from the SELECT MKF
  • xsel_ascii_in.xsl – input ascii timing file for EXTRACT
  • xsel_ascii_out.xsl – cumulative timing file, computed by EXTRACT
  • xsel_xronos_in.xsl – input Xronos window file for EXTRACT
  • xsel_xronos_phase.xsl – xronos window file containing phase selections
  • xsel_xronos_out.xsl – output Xronos window file compputed by EXTRACT
  • xsel_hksel_out.xsl – is the FITS timing file from SELECT HK
  • xsel_in_event.xsl – output events file from SISCLEAN, overrides other input to EXTRACT if present
  • xsel_out_event.xsl – output events file from EXTRACT
  • xsel_merged.xsl – temporary file for a merged event dataset.
  • xsel_mergti.xsl – temporary file for the GTI associated with xsel_merged.xsl
  • xsel_merghk.xsl – temporary file for the merged HK files
  • xsel_work1 – root name for events workspace 1
  • xsel_work2 – root name for events workspace 2
  • xsel_workgti1 – root name for GTI workspace 1
  • xsel_workgti2 – root name for GTI workspace 2
  • xsel_workhk1 – root name for HK workspace 1
  • xsel_workhk2 – root name for HK workspace 2
  • xsel_ffcurve.fits – MKF curve file from MKFBIN
  • xsel_mermkf.xsl – the temporary merged MKF file
  • xsel_hkcurve.fits – the HK curve file from HKBIN
  • xsel_cursor_time – root name for the cursor timing files
  • xsel_temp.xsl – general purpose temp file
  • xsel_session.xsl – stores the saved session data
  • – script file for the spawned Ftools
  • xsel_files.tmp – temp file for file lists
  • xsel_obscat.tmp – temporary file used for creating the obscat
  • xsel_read_cat.xsl – temporary obscat made by READ

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