Public rmf methods to get and set internal data

  •   Integer getFirstChannel() const
      void setFirstChannel(const Integer value)

  •   const vector<Integer>& getNumberGroups() const
      Integer setNumberGroups(const vector<Integer>& values)
      Integer getNumberGroupsForEnergyBin(const Integer i) const
      Integer setNumberGroupsForEnergyBin(const Integer i, const Integer value)

  •   const vector<vector<Integer> >& getFirstChannelGroup() const
      Integer setFirstChannelGroup(
                 const vector<vector<Integer> >& values)
      vector<Integer>& getFirstChannelGroupForEnergyBin(const Integer i) const
      Integer setFirstChannelGroupForEnergyBin(const vector<Integer> i, 
                 const Integer value)

  •   const vector<vector<Integer> >& getNumberChannelsGroup() const
      Integer setNumberChannelsGroup(const vector<vector<Integer> >& values)
      vector<Integer>& getNumberChannelsGroupForEnergyBin(const Integer i) const
      Integer setNumberChannelsGroupForEnergyBin(const Integer i, 
                            const vector<Integer> value)

  •   const vector<vector<Integer> >& getOrderGroup() const
      Integer setOrderGroup(const vector<vector<Integer> >& values)
      vector<Integer>& getOrderGroupForEnergyBin(const Integer i) const
      Integer setOrderGroupForEnergyBin(const Integer i, const Integer value)

  •   const vector<Real>& getLowEnergy() const
      Integer setLowEnergy(const vector<Real>& values)
      Real getLowEnergyElement(const Integer i) const
      Integer setLowEnergyElement(const Integer i, const Real value)

  •   const vector<Real>& getHighEnergy() const
      Integer setHighEnergy(const vector<Real>& values)
      Real getHighEnergyElement(const Integer i) const
      Integer setHighEnergyElement(const Integer i, const Real value)

  •   const vector<vector<Real> >& getMatrix() const
      Integer setMatrix(const vector<vector<Real> >& values)
      vector<Real>& getMatrixForEnergyBin(const Integer i) const
      Integer setMatrixElement(const Integer i, const vector<Real> value)

  •   const vector<Real>& getChannelLowEnergy() const
      Integer setChannelLowEnergy(const vector<Real>& values)
      Real getChannelLowEnergyElement(const Integer i) const
      Integer setChannelLowEnergyElement(const Integer i, const Real value)

  •   const vector<Real>& getChannelHighEnergy() const
      Integer setChannelHighEnergy(const vector<Real>& values)
      Real getChannelHighEnergyElement(const Integer i) const
      Integer setChannelHighEnergyElement(const Integer i, const Real value)

  •   Real getAreaScaling() const
      void setAreaScaling(const Real value)

  •   Real getResponseThreshold() const
      void setResponseThreshold(const Real value)

  •   string getEnergyUnits() const
      void setEnergyUnits(const string value)

  •   string getRMFUnits() const
      void setRMFUnits(const string value)

  •   string getChannelType() const
      void setChannelType(const string value)

  •   string getTelescope() const
      void setTelescope(const string value)

  •   string getInstrument() const
      void setInstrument(const string value)

  •   string getDetector() const
      void setDetector(const string value)

  •   string getFilter() const
      void setFilter(const string value)

  •   string getRMFType() const
      void setRMFType(const string value)

  •   string getRMFExtensionName() const
      void setRMFExtensionName(const string value)

  •   string getEBDExtensionName() const
      void setEBDExtensionName(const string value)

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